Mallorca is one of the best islands of the Mediterranean. Both island’s residents and visitors benefit from the range of leisure activities this amazing place has to offer.Blessed with sunny weather, warm sea, impressive landscape and vibrant nightlife the island truly deserves its status of the Europe’s top travel destination.

However, before we completely fall in love, lets see what activities are availableon Mallorca year round. The most popular activities are all related to Mallorca’s landscape and climate and those are: cycling, diving & snorkeling, sailing, hiking and water sports.

Cycling in Mallorca

Mallorca is considered to be one of the best cycling destinations in Europe for both mountain biking and of course: road cycling. Europe’s best athletes train her in spring to prepare for Tour de France.

Mallorca’s government event went as far as making half of all roads (1000 km in total) cycling friendly. Including, cycle lanes and special signs for cyclists.

In regards to mountain biking (MBT) Mallorca benefits from amazing sites of Serra de Tramuntana and the Soller Valley. Serra de Tramuntana mountain range became a UNESCO world heritage site in 2011.

No Matter if you are into road cycling or mountain biking Mallorca will have plenty of routs to offer.

Water Sports in Mallorca

Last but not least, Mallorca offers a great range of different watersports: stand-up paddle (SUP), windsurfing and kite surfing are all available on the island year round. Looking for an equipment rental or a full course? You will easily find both in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

No matter if you live on an island or planning to visit Mallorca is the go to location for all the active people of Europe easily accessible by air and sea through out the year.



Diving & Snorkeling in Mallorca

Mallorca is not Egypt with its Red Sea, nonetheless the island is still considered to be one of the most amazing diving destinations in Europe due to its rock and cave formations. Moreover, there are quite a few places where you can see plenty of marine life with a simple snorkel.

If you have a cavern diving specialty or would like to get one, Mallorca is not to miss. A small hint here, if you only have a few days make sure you do the Big Cheese dive site – a truly impressive labyrinth of caves. In case you have a few days you might want to read the ultimate guide to diving in Mallorca.


Sailing in Mallorca

It won’t come as a surprise that Mediterranean in general is great for sailing: crystal clear blue waters and sun make it a true gem. Mallorca however, has a bit more to offer. There are two national parks on the island only reachable by boat: Sa Dragonera National Park and Cabrera National Park: both parks a well-worth exploring.


Hiking in Mallorca

Serra de Tramuntana is not only a great cycling destination, but also a hiking paradise. The landscape changes from valleys to mountains and capes with fantastic sea views. Century old olive trees and orange tree groves make the scenery amazingly unique, with an opportunity to stop for a glass of orange juice at most of local farm houses.



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