Just like any nice spot like Mallorca you will not miss to find churches and klosters. There are very important religious places for pilgrims. These have been set in rather beautiful and outstanding countryside.

Lluc klosters, Lluc
This place has for a long time now been a centre for pilgrimage. This was built in the 13th century. There is the image of the Virgin that was placed in the church. It returned back miraculously to the caves unknowingly. The mystery has not been understood until today. This is the same spot whereupon Mallorca villagers were able to recognize God’s message necessitating the building of a shrine in order to house it. This place is encrusted with very precious stones. It sits right in a chapel that is decorated with great arms of every town in Mallorcan. Pilgrims as well as the tourists do queue in bid to pay homage. This is especially done on Sundays from 11am before the usual daily concerts done by the choir Es Blauets.cme back for a great evening mass.

Ermita de Bonany in Petra
This is a Church with stunning views over the Mallorca plain. The hilltop hermitage is situated just a few kilometers from Petra town. This is where the preacher Junipero Serra made his last sermon in the island of Mallorca before he left. He later founded both the Californian and Mexican missions. The stunning views from the terraces cover almost the entire plain look just so superb.

Sia de Nostra church
This Church belongs to the Lady of Sorrows and is found in the centre of the city of Manacor. Construction of this great church started at the tail end of 19th century. This construction was overseen by the priest called Rubí and the builder called Gaspar Bennàssar.He directed all the works and also built the big bell-tower that is the highest building in the town called Torre Rubí. This place has been a place for cult in the wide Islamic period. Jaume the First is where the Santa Maria church was located.

Basilica de Sant Francesc in Palma
The facade for this 13th century and old age church in Palma is a Mallorcan typical. It has a massive and forbidding wall made of sandstone. It has rose and delicately carved postal windows at its middle. Its Gothic style makes it just stunning to visit. Find it at the heart of the age-old town. You will enter through very lovely and peaceful cloisters that have lemon and orange trees. The location of a well at its center makes it awesome. Inside the big church is Ramon Llull’s tomb (1235-1316) outside the church is a statue of yet another very famous missionary of Mallorca.

These klosters and churches in Mallorca Island will not just offer you a place to worship but also a place to visit and enjoy their experiences and discoveries. Happy touring!

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