Almonds are trees that are loved for their seeds. They look like large olive trees and are of the same genus with the peach known as the amygdalus, I wonder if this is related to the name given to the part of the brain known as the amygdala. The leaves of the almond tree turn from green when it is a young plant, to purple and then to grey around the second year of its growth.
Almonds are in their natural environment in the Mediterranean climate and that’s they tended to do well in Mallorca. They were introduced in Mallorca in pre-modern times when the grape vines were destroyed by a worm that eats the roots of the plant. Today there about five million almond plants in Mallorca and they continue popularity because of the commercial value of their seeds
This tree that produces drupes is most beautiful during spring. Spring is the season that comes after winter and this is where plants and trees comes back to life literally and virtually lightens up the world that was deadened by the darkness of winter. The months that are collectively called spring are March through to July although sometimes it starts as early as February and ends earlier too. The flowers of the almond tree blossom during spring too and when you walk around Mallorca starting from March it is not uncommon to see the countryside having the shade of white to pale pink as this is the color of the flowers of the almond tree.

The almond tree can be found around the central plain, parts of the east and some parts of the north. It is easier for you to see them in farms of people who like the almond because of its nutritional value. Because of the Mediterranean climate which greatly favors the almonds, the almonds of the Mediterranean, including the island of Mallorca have a higher fat content than those of other places due to its low water content and of course, the climate
Mallorcans just like every other person in the world likes almonds for their nutritional value. The seeds are said to be very helpful in regulating a person’s cholesterol, helps in reducing problems related to a person’s heart and artery walls and many other health benefits. Because of these benefits to a person’s body, the tree continues to be very popular with people around the island. I don’t know how the seed tastes but from the popularity of the tree, I would a calculated guess and presume that it also can’t be bad to the taste. The seeds are usually harvested around august and the tree normally starts bearing fruit from around its third year.
Since they are not found in my home country, and I have not tasted the seed of the almond tree, I have to say that probably its sight when it blossoms around spring-time would have to be the sole reason I want to see the almond tree. Am sure the beauty of its flowers around this season are enough to convince someone to try its other less renowned attributes.

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