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The largest of Spain’s Balearic Islands in the western Mediterranean, Mallorca ranks as one of the favourite destinations for a getaway with its picturesque beaches and magical monuments in the comfort of the sun and majestic stone palacios turned into holiday homes. Sailing remains popular in Mallorca and you can hire a luxury yacht for a few days or even go for a half day boat trip to different parts of the island. You can enjoy biking through endless, winding, country lanes . Beautiful churches and monuments are visible all around and even for the non-religious, gazing out at the bastion of La Immaculada is often described as a spiritual moment.

The island is home to artists, poets and many famous people like Rafael Nadal, Michael Douglas, Claudia Schiffer, Andrew Llyod Webber and others who are now residents of Mallorca. There is clearly a market for luxury accommodation in Mallorca and you can discover some of the most unique historic buildings that have been fine tuned to provide every modern convenience you wish to have in your dream home.

An encouraging investment climate

Improved investment conditions combined with the economic stability of investors from UK, Germany, Russia and some Scandinavian countries is turning Mallorca into one of the most popular coastal towns in Spain to buy and sell property.
Britons are buying one fifth of property that is being sold to foreigners in Spain according to the data of the Spanish Land registry.

During the Eurozone crisis, Spain had suffered an economic downturn which made property prices spiral down.  However, the average national house prices rose 6.6% over twelve months upto September 2015, according to the house price index put together by the Spanish Registrars’ Association.

That’s the biggest increase in the average house prices since September 2007, when the Spanish property boom had not yet turned to bust. Such indicators are being reported as a sign of the Spanish house price crash drawing to an end.

The Spanish Council of Registrars together with the UK’s Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and other specialists have issued a Guide to Buying a Property in Spain that helps make better decisions when it comes to navigating the possibilities of finding your dream holiday home in Mallorca. “The ever-increasing confidence of investors and demand from overseas buyers shows that Mallorca is gaining popularity in Europe and it’s impossible to beat this region in the property race”, says Dominik Lechner, CEO of Mallorca Properties.” He further adds, “You can view a range of options from the most premium to cheapest properties on sale in Mallorca and also request for services to register your property and obtain energy certificates, etc.”


The island can be divided into three parts, geographically. The Serra de Tramuntana that extend from south-west to north-east, the Serra de Llevant that stretches along the eastern coast and in between them lies the central plain (Es pla).

Apart from different weather zones the island has different seasonal regions even though the climate remains favourable all year round. It is a fact that the south-west is privileged by warmer winters, less rain and more sunshine. The Tramuntana shelters this part of the island. Once you have found the region you would like to settle down in, exploring the vast choice of properties would be easier.

Palma, Mallorca’s cultural heart, is proving to be one of the most desirable places to stay as it saw a 50 per cent increase in property sales last year. The average price of property in this area is €2,000-€2,500/m2 according to Tinsa. But it can go much higher for premium properties with direct access to the sea and breath-taking views.

Many intellectuals and artists love Deia in the north, and to own a home there, it could cost anywhere between €1 million to €4 million for farmhouses. Homes in picturesque villages between the terraced orange groves of the mountainsides are also sought after by foreign buyers. For those who search for old world Mallorca, there is this beautiful village of Estellencs. It is tucked into the wild and rugged Tramuntana mountains designated (Unesco world heritage), yet it is just a 15 minute downhill ramble to a secluded beach, complete with bamboo shaded beach-bar in the summer months. A villa in and around the Tramuntana mountains could cost somewhere around € 1,000,000. In Santanyi, cosy villas and sea facing properties are available for € 800,000 to €4,000,000 where travellers also enjoy the rural ambience while having access to basic amentities.

Properties near Cala Tuent can turn out to be blissful with views of Puig Major, the highest mountain on the Balearics and secluded beaches for a calm swim and walks along the pines trees. Properties here can cost upto €6,000,000 but more affordable options are also available.


While being careful about short-term rental licences in Mallorca, it is wiser to rent townhouses and vertically split properties as apartments tend to require liscenses and could prove more problematic. Pollensa leads in the rental market while other destinations being explored for rental housing include Alicante, Nerja and Vilamoura and Albufeira on the Algarve.


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