Mallorca is the largest island in Spain where Christianity was first introduced. Many people in this region were believers and used to pray God in churches. There were Muslims but they were not as many as Christians. The houses they used to worship in were made of bricks. These houses exist till today.

Catholic was the main denomination. Many of the converts who settled in the island from different places of the earth were Catholics. The Catholic Church has from then continued to be highly important within the Mallorca society in Spain. This is very evident in many buildings that still exist and were constructed during the ancient times. Many of these buildings are spectacular and even attract Christians from different places of the world.

The church of Santa Eularia is one of the churches that are very famous. This church is situated in a place along the island called La placa de Santa. Most of the churches bear Spanish names. This particular church was the first to be constructed after the Christian conquest in this region. The church has a Catalan Gothic structure which is said to have been constructed on top of an existing building. This building is said to have existed from 1230 which is the 13th century.
The church was used for different purposes. The church was used in swearing of the Oaths of privileges and exemptions of the kingdom of Mallorca by King Jaume in 1256. This shows that the building is very old. It has been preserved for all those years and still stands strong.

Another church in this island that existed long time ago is the church of Santa Frances. This church was built in 1281 and located in same place where the monastery of Franciscans was built. This church was the first to be made with stone with a basilica layout. It had one nave with Gothic roof which not many buildings had. The roof was made king Jaume. The church has also a Ramon’s tomb; he was a philosopher, mystic and great poet and it was constricted in 1487.

Another great church that still exists is the Convent of Santa Clara. This building was founded in 1256 by Caterina Berenguer, who was the abbess of Saint Clare which is in Tarragona together with saint Guillermeta. The church is built on top of a Moorish building from which the remains of the water wheel and the various tombs have been found. Most of the ancient churches had tombs which extended to the ground. This church as well had a tomb.

Apart from these churches, there are other four religious buildings along the streets of Carrer de sant Miquel. This church of the saint Miquel, positioned 21 and which is below an old mosque and according to history, the very first mass was celebrated when Medina was conquered.
At number 32 was the convent of saint Antoniet, 48 the church of SantaCatalina of sena and the fourth was the church of Santa Margalida. Santa Margalida was number 69 and was constructed in 1238. This convent was however dismantled in order to turn it into a military hospital.

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