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Balearic Island can be your topmost choice if you are looking for a perfect place to spend your holiday vacation. Featuring Mallorca and Menorca, the two lovely place that adds beauty to the Balearic Islands. Both these islands are sunny Mediterranean offering 300 days of sun in a year.

They have amazing beaches that also add attractions to the entire place. They all have things in common, but if you were to choose among these two, how will you know which one will you prefer? Here are the different aspects you might want to consider when choosing an island that suits your needs.

You can see beaches anywhere in Balearic Island and this is the primary reason why most tourists prefer to go here. With its area of 3640 square kilometers and a coastline of 555 kilometers, Mallorca consists of 200 beautiful beaches with excellent facilities. This place is a lot busier than Menorca because there are plenty of entertainment areas to enjoy such as bars and restaurants. Mallorca is best for travelers who want a fun and entertaining holiday.
Menorca is quieter and has less populated area. It has an area of about 700 square kilometers and has 216 kilometers coastline. There are about 75 beaches to choose from however, the appearances are quite different from Mallorca.
The beaches are often cute, sandy cove or hidden ‘calas’. They are often times seen between rocky cliffs that invite you to discover them first before you spend a relaxing time. This makes Menorca great for tourists who like to discover secret and pristine beach coves.


City or Villages and Towns?
Nearly half of the population of Mallorca is situated in Palma, the capital of Balearic Islands. This makes Palma de Mallorca the most lively city which will give you plenty of things to do. Include La Seu in your to do list, the symbol of this city and it is also the most famous attraction and the cathedral of Palma. You may also spend your holiday in smaller towns such as Alcudia, a well-preserved medieval village with a beach and marina.
From beach escapade, you may also opt to villages and town travels. This is what Menorca offers perfect for a relaxing vacation. Take a walk in the romantic town of Ciutadella or you may also take a boat trip in Mahon, the second largest harbor in the world.


If you love a lively night out, no wonder you will prefer Mallorca. It offers nightclubs and bars that make the night alive and full of fun. On the other hand, Menorca has a quiet night and scarce entertainment places. Best described to be a hippy, Menorca has relaxing social night activities such as going to Cova d’en Xoroi, the cave of this island that has been turned into a disco hosted by DJ’s offering music to chill.


Authentic and Local versus Popular and Busy
Menorca has well-preserved beaches and landscape that makes it more authentic when compared to Mallorca. It has full of calas or cute beach coves with amazing crystal clear water and a delightful sunshine.
Mallorca, although more busy and populated than Menorca, still has lovely spots that require effort to find them. Then, have yourself rewarded by the natural spaces and unspoiled corners of Mallorca where you can relax.


Gastronomic Products
Both these islands have gastronomic products, dishes or recipes served locally. Fill your cravings with Mahon cheese of Menorca and Ensaimada de Mallorca. They are served in restaurants and can be bought in the local markets. If you are looking for a great place to taste a wine, you have come to the right place if you visit Mallorca. It has vineyards in Santa Maria and Binissalem, the two great producers of wine.
Although Menorca has few winemakers, you can still get a chance to taste their delightful wine. It features the winery of Binifadet situated in the southern village of Saint Lluis best for wine lovers.


Since Balearic Island is picturesque of sun and beaches, both Mallorca and Menorca has something to show off. No wonder Serra de Tramuntana, the cultural landscape of Mallorca, was declared by UNESCO as the World Heritage Site. There are other must-visit sites such as the viewpoints of Mirador de la Creueta and the highest point of Mallorca, the Puig Major.

Majorca also has the Tramuntana Mountains, consisting of romantic villages surrounded by a stunning setting. The Mondrago natural park is also close to idyllic turquoise beach water along breathtaking cliffs. This is perfect for families who would like to enjoy a picnic.

Menorca also features a breathtaking scene. It has one famous mountain, the Monte Toro, located in the middle of this island. You can observe the beautiful outline of the Menorca that will surely impress you. You can take pictures of the spot of the island, observe its peak, and view the weather conditions.

Menorca is small but still offers an abundant green area, with lots of fields enclosed by preserved dry stone walls and wonderful hiking trails. This gives you a peaceful destination and a money-saving vacation. Menorca was declared by UNESCO as Biosphere Reserve because of its aesthetic that serves as the natural habitat of different species of plants and animals.

Walking or cycling
Menorca features places best for horse riding and cycling. One of the most famous destination is the Cami de Cavalls, which means horse path. Majorca also offers challenging routes for cyclists like the Es Pla, a wonderful landscape of Majorca.
If you travel with kids…

Both Mallorca and Menorca have plenty of space for children to play and do different kinds of outdoor activities like horse riding. They also have calm and shallow water watched by lifeguards. They have family-friendly facilities and resorts that are specially designed to accommodate everyone. You can enjoy water sports like kayak, water skiing, or windsurfing.


Whichever island you choose, you will surely enjoy your holiday vacation. Both places have unique attractions that will make your escapade an unforgettable one. In addition, both places give you plenty of reasons to buy a property . Our Partner Agency in Menorca offer a great value of Villas for sale in Menorca

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