The Mallorca Island

Mallorca is a very beautiful island. Some people call it Majorca but the island’s local name is Mallorca. For many years, the island has been home to many famous and prominent personalities like Boris Becker, Claudia Schiffer, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Jeffrey Archer, Raphael Nadal, the King of Spain and many more. Some have homes within the island while others have had lived here at some point in time. Having been a choice for many rich Europeans, Mallorca has formed a large market for luxurious accommodation. The options have increased and improved over time and this has been the trend every year.

There is a wide variety of hotels in Mallorca. For instance, some hotel buildings are historic but they have been modified to provide guests with state of the art convenience. There are also beautiful converted farmhouses dubbed fincas within the countryside. Villas are very plenty so if you wished to rent one you wouldn’t have trouble getting a good choice.

Holiday resorts have taken over some of Mallorca’s coastline. If you don’t like parties and mingling with crowds, you can easily avoid them since the resorts are all self-contained. Towards the south of the island, the beach stretches vastly and no development has been done yet in the area. There are more than 200 unexploited beaches you can explore to get a spot that is suitable for you.

Sailing is a very popular in the island. Mallorca hosts several regatta at international level every year. There are quite many high class yatch charter companies and marinas all over the coast. Boat trips are also available for half-day or one day at many locations within the island.

The island has many amazing historic buildings. Palma, the capital city has remarkable architecture both ancient and modern designs. The capital harbors a wide variety of entertainment spots including high class hotels, night clubs and discos.

Mallorca is rich in cultural history with many sites one would love to explore. They include cathedrals, monasteries, ruins, grand mansion houses, castles, museums, archives and art galleries. There are also adventure parks, petting farms and water parks suitable for families. The resorts can accommodate families comfortably and they also offer festivals that can involve children.

The scenery in the island is spectacular and is perfect for you to enjoy outdoors. The west coast of Mallorca has the jugged and beautiful Tramuntana Mountains. Cycling is a very popular activity here. It is well established and many professional cyclers participate during the off season and there is a large number of routes you can select from. The four corners of the island host protected national parks that you can pay a visit.

The island is naturally well organized with particular attraction sites set at specific regions. History is to the Northeast, caves and beaches are found in the East coast and mountains and villages are found towards the North and the West. Mallorca is a very beautiful island. To understand the island as the locals know it, you may drive along the plain center of the island. There you will see almond orchards, windmills, old towns and markets. Your choice for where you would like to visit depends on what you look forward to do or see.

Mallorca is accessible from many regions of Europe in just a few hours flight. The island’s good climate and beauty make it a great choice perennially. Mallorca Island is the place to be. Pay a visit and get a breathtaking experience that you will never forget. It’s awesome!

It is Mallorca not Majorca.

It is interesting to note that the island has the two names mentioned above. Research has revealed that the native name for the island is Mallorca. That is the correct name. In fact the name Majorca is used by the British and Irish only. Some people have a feeling that the name Majorca was coined by the Catalan following the 13th century invasions by the Catalans. This is incorrect as it has been confirmed that Catalans know the island as Mallorca.
If you consult Wikipedia, you will find that the name Mallorca means the larger island. Yes, larger compared to Menorca, a smaller neighboring island. English is a blend of several languages including Latin so the variation is understandable.

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