Every property need to have an Energy Certificate for sell or for Rent

The latest law says that after 1st June 2013 every property that goes on sells or on rent for more than 4 months, need to have an Energy certificate. Other than this all estate agents must need to advertise or display energy certification of home or building on every publicity material, be it a website, a real estate portal, window exposes or any kind print media.

This energy certificate should have energy ratting of the building and energy utilization of the building with its objective for building. In case building is not new and it does not meet the entire optimal energy efficiency requirements then it should also contain a document of recommendation, this recommendation document will have all the recommendation by which one can improve the energy efficiency of any existing building to an optimal and recommended level.
Also it is very important that this energy certificate should be signed by expert, well trained and educated technicians who have a formal professional qualification and degree for this kind of evaluation. These technicians could be technical architect, Architects and Engineers.

In case an estate agent or responsible person or agency fails to comply with this new law, the person or organization may get punished with fines of up to €3000. This fine will be charged as violation of consumer right and this amount could vary depending on the severity of the condition.

This Energy certificate divides a property on the basis of its energy ratings level from A to G and a property that has energy level A is the most efficient and energy optimized building while the property that gets energy level G has the least efficient energy ratting. They divide this energy certificate in three sections that are the most efficient, medium consumption and the least efficient.
Those building or houses that get energy level ratting between A to C fall in the most efficient category, those properties that get ratting between C to E fall in medium consumption category and those properties that get ratting between E to G fall in the least efficient category.


If we talk about the benefit of an Energy certificate, it can directly increase the value of those properties that have better energy ratting. A property that has A as its Energy ratting can Save up to 85% energy consumption compare to those properties that scores G. So by this simple rule cost of property will increase and property owner can get better money for sell or rent with a good energy level score.

Also if a property or a building will score well in energy level, it will indicate that its owner or responsible persons are environment friendly people and they care for environment, also they stay updated with latest technologies and materials to give best result.
In case you don’t know how to get this certificate or its cost or who can do it for you! Don’t worry; ARKLtasa is a company that can organize an accurate Energy certificate for you in a very easy manner. Cost of this certificate varies depending on the constructed area of your property and property type.

For apartments if constructed area is up to 120 square meters cost is 200€,
if area is between 121 to 250 square meters cost is 250€
and if area is between 251 to 400 square meter than cost is 350€.

For villas’, Fincas and isolated places this cost is 250€, 300€ and 400€ for respective sizes. And this price does not include 21% IVA in it.

And the best thing about this certification is once you get it, it remains valid for 10 years and after this period you need to get it renewed.

This certification renovation process will consider possible improvements and works that have been done during this time in building or home premises.

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