Puerto Portals Mallorca

For yachters in Mediterranean region, Puerto Portals Mallorca is just the place they would like to moor their yachts in. This marina on the Southwest shore of Majorca not only promises delightful meal but also hosts popular regattas, and raft races. Puerto Portals marina is lined with dining options that allow diners to savor delectable Spanish delicacies while enjoying the view of the sea amidst the gleaming white yachts. Puerto Portals has an aura of style and sophistication, which perhaps is the reason for periodic reunions of vintage cars and their owners out here. Absence of fishing nets and the usual fishy smell that yachters associate with their mooring destinations is another sign of its class.

Most of the yachters arriving here are often pleasantly surprised to find that Wellies restaurant can serve a meal as late as 3 am, even though it starts serving breakfast by 9 a.m. each morning. Restaurants like Wellies, and Tristan are frequented by who’s who of the world, so it is hard to remain secluded in their classy environments. Flanigan is, perhaps, the most popular restaurant out here, because it does not carry the tag of being exclusive like the other two. Likewise, Capuccino is a pleasant place to share a coffee with any acquaintance on Puerto Portals Majorca. There is no shortage of pizza bars, banks, boat repairing services, yacht operators, and even boat hiring business’ around this place. Tourists and yachters can purchase clothes and accessories designed by well known fashion designers at Puerto Portals. Dolphin lovers should not miss the Marinaland, which not very far from the harbor.

One of the reasons for popularity of Majorca’s this marina is the island’s climate. Winters are mild out here, which attracts many tourists, and yacht owners. Summers, however, are hot, but that does not daunt people from spending time on Puerto Portals’ beautiful beach. Only the well-behaved waves get entry in here because there is an island nearby which seems to guard this beach.
Leases of almost 670 moorings along Puerto Portals Mallorca would expire in 2026. But this has not reduced the demand for these moorings because these are available in various sizes ranging from 8 meters to 80 meters. Owners of small yachts however feel intimidated and claustrophobic in the company of larger vessels. Moreover, the available capacity of moors is not adequate for meeting the growing demand for yachting moors in the region. These are the reasons Mallorca is now readying itself for a new harbor exclusively for larger yachts.

The new Port Adriano or Harbor Adriano would be able to accommodate 80 yachts measuring 25 meters and above. This new harbor is designed by French engineer Phillippe Starck. At the heart of the harbor would be about 4000 square foot area devoted to the engineering requirements of the new harbor. Unlike the Puerto Portals, Harbor Adriano will have more parking area but it will be underground parking. Other facilities such as restaurants, boutiques, and bars for chilling out would also be available at Port Adriano. Four of Spain’s largest financial business’, i.e., Banca Popular, Banca March, BBRV, and Groupo Santander have stake in this harbor for super yachts. Ironically, a berth in this super yacht harbor can cost near about 2.2 thousand euros, even in these recessionary times.

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