Santa Ponsa Mallorca is a popular holiday resort that belongs to municipal council of Calvia on the west coast of Majorca. It is located on a strategic point with good road and communication network to enable easy access by customers. It has pine tress, beautiful beaches and clear water. Most tourists like visiting the place during summer period when there are many people and weather is effective for swimming.
Environmental benefit enjoyed

Benefit enjoyed by people who owns home at Santa Ponsa is experiencing joys offered by Majorca throughout the year without charges. It has excellent facilities such as golf courses, marine and water sports. Driving to various points of the place enable people enjoy seeing various historical features located in the region. It has rocky structures with tunnels and precious rocks.

It is a friendly place for holding traditional events since it has traditional features such as caves. Staffs offer transport services to customers from the airport to the different sites. They charge extra fee for transport from the airport to the hotel. Many customers opt to handle their own transfers using their own cars in order to avoid extra transport charges. Visitors also have alternative option of hiring a taxi if they want to move fast rather than waiting bus services.
Charges on various services differ

Taxis charge differently depending on factors such as luggage, time of transfer and number of passengers. You should account well for the items, time and number of passengers before hiring a taxi. Taxis do not have special seats for kids therefore adults are forced to hold them on their laps. Management recommends booking car hire in good time if one is travelling with kids.



After hiring a car, seek to have map that will reflect way to take to reach various destinations. There are various properties available at Santa Ponsa hence enabling clients make choice of the best item that satisfy needs of everyone. Properties include villas, apartments and golf courses. It is easy to follow instruction of the map since there are many sign boards located at junctions directing the shortest route that leads to desired destination.

There are good conditions of the place including favorable climate that suits to everyone lifestyle. There are modern buildings and apartments to cater for different people who differ in taste and preference. Living standards are high since cleaning is done in regular basis. There is health and fitness centre in the region to keep bodies fit.
Available facilities

It has modern rooms connected with Wi- Fi to enable clients access internet easily hence leading to increased sales volume. Installation of cooling and heating machine has made it possible to maintain good living conditions. Due to existence of such factors, number of customers visiting the place has risen tremendously in the past few years.

There are various facilities put into place to enable maintain peace in the region hence improving customer confidence. Tight security is another factor that has enabled rapid increase in popularity of the region. Most people would prefer to visit regions with security in a bid to uphold life safety.

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