A small plane owned by a 64years old pilot crashed into a car at a street next to the railway of Noain (Navarra) leaving the pilot death.

The plane from Sabadell (Barcellon) heading for the Noain-Pamplona airport (Navarra), crashed into a car at street Number 4 Paseo de la Estacion and burst into flames.

The aviator, a PhD holder in Engineering and capitalist of the world of safety systems, said to the Noain control tower moments before the incident that he would be flying with one engine, “I will be flying with only one engine and was going to try an emergency landing” he said.

According to the regional Governor, the aircraft went down a short distance from the runway between the Mocholi estate and the town of Noain, next to a railway track. Other witnesses noticed strange turns in the air and then the descending of the aircraft which ended up at the street, crashing into a car and of course into a huge fire bubble.

As soon as the incident occurred, airport firefighters were alerted but sadly enough the pilot did not make it.

The airport firefighters successfully put-out the flame and the body of the pilot was recovered from the burnt cabin.

The car owner by name Maria Puy Ayensa, a resident of one of the houses around the accident scene, had just taken to the street to take her car but forgot her keys at home. She was saved for seconds from death as reported by Navarra News. “I’d rather not think what could have happened if I had left my house moments before” she snorted.
The first investigation has pointed a finger at “an engine failure”.


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