8 Stunning Beaches In Mallorca

Looking to plan your next holiday to Mallorca? Known for its sunshine and many beautiful beaches there’s no doubt that the island is one of the most popular summer destinations for travellers. With around 262 beaches on the island it can be difficult to pinpoint the ones that are worth the visit to others. While not all the beaches are full of long sand, we can promise amazing views, overhanging cliffs and clear blue seas full of aquatic life. Depending on the time of year you choose to go, some beaches can be overcrowded, choose to go during another season, you’d be surprised to see how much calmer the island can become.

Portals Nous Beach

Situated beside the prominent Puerto Portals Marina, the Portal Nous Beach is full of activities to fill your sun day. With blue seas and a sheltered spot in the bay, it’s the perfect spot to bring young children and have a day of entertainment. From hiring jet skis, stand up paddle boarding as well as pedalo’s, there’s many things that you can do at this beach to make your day last that little bit longer. The area has many restaurants surrounding if you’re feeling peckish during your day out. If you don’t have smaller kids, there’s a beach club and bar if you feel like you need a break from the sun and maybe a drink or two. This are is more on the high end of the beaches in Mallorca but worth a visit if you’re feeling like splashing out.

Es Calo Des Moro Beach

Located in Southern Mallorca, many locals have named this as one of the most beautiful beaches in all of the island. Since its owned by a private foundation, there is a lot of extra time and effort that goes into looking after this beach. This is the reason why its beauty remains undisturbed. “Due to the nature of Es Calo Moro beach, you do have to climb your way down to access it, but it’s worth the hike and possible sweating. You might also get lost along the way, but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of adventure. Be careful to set up early as crowds flock to this little slice of sand during the summer months,” writes Shelby W. Brown travel blogger at Essay Services and Eliteassignmenthelp. The sites from the end of this beach are also the most beautiful to see so all around this is a fantastic spot to visit.

Illetas Beach

This beach, while quite sheltered boasts beautifully clean and clear sand and pristine water. Named as one of the most attractive beaches by locals, Illetas can be found on the southwest of Palma. Not a particularly large beach but we prefer quality over quantity if it means stunning views. If you’re feeling like going for a drink or two and maybe turning your day into a night out, Virtual club a Terrazas beach club can be found next to Illetas beach. Part of the swankier areas of Mallorca, the beach is situated next to a cathedral which adds to its charm and visual appeal. Yachts can be seen along the bay and take up most of the water area, but you can also participate in a range of water sports if you’re feeling daring.

Cala Formentor Beach

A much narrower beach, Cala Formentor is found on the Formentor peninsula and is decorated alongside stunningly tall pine trees. We recommend this beach for its scenic views that stretch out across the Bay of Pollensa. Most people prefer to access this beach by boat which can be seen along in the bay also. If you want to extend your day you can choose to drive along the coast, from Pollensa, and stop to watch the magnificent sunset on your way back. The beach is near to the Cap De Pera Lighthouse, which we recommend you visit if you have the chance. The views from up top of this lighthouse are the most beautiful to catch a glimpse of if you have the time. Since it is so picturesque and sought after, cars are banned between the moths of June and September to avoid the streets being packed with unnecessary traffic. If you can, go after the season has ended, either in May of October, for a quitter and undisturbed trip, the weather will still be warm, and you’ll appreciate the view a lot more.

Cala Mesquida Beach

At around 300 metres, this is one of the longer beaches on our list. There’s plenty of space to set up for a whole day without people otherwise falling over you or getting in your way. Surrounded by sand dunes and pine trees, the beach is well sheltered and protected from sounds and stronger winds. With a resort attached to the beach, bars and restaurants can be found encompassing the area and the perfect spot to sit out of the sun if you need to. Surfers regularly frequent this beach as the waves coming in from the sea are some of the best Mallorca has to offer. Some of the beach is protected due to the birds and other wildlife that frequent the area, hence the coverage of trees and dunes. This is the perfect beach if you have a family or larger group and are looking to spread you time out during a full day, the water is quite shallow too which is perfect for smaller kids or playing water sports.

Cala Llamp Beach

About 5km from Port Andratx, Cala Llamp beach is another secluded area that is encompassed by many mountains making it a sheltered and quieter spot. We recommend this beach if you’re looking for some snorkelling activities which is perfect in the clearer water that surrounds the beach. Be warned though, this is not a sandy beach and so if you’re looking to set up camp for a day, we recommend sitting out in the beach club for quieter times. Attached next to The Gran Folies beach club where you can spend all day at instead of searching for a sandy beach and rent a sunbed or two to relax. “What Cala Llamp lacks in sandy beaches it makes up in views. The sights are some of the most gorgeous that Mallorca has to offer. With the Tramuntana mountains overhanging, creating a truly tranquil and sheltered atmosphere around the bay. The beach is a luxurious spot for anyone searching for some leisure,” writes Daniel A. Byron, journalist at Simplegrad and Paperfellows. This beach is for the couple or smaller group who are looking for something exciting to fill up their time with.

Sa Calobra Beach

Back in the western part of Mallorca you can find Sa Calobra Beach. The only possible way to the beach is through accessing a long tunnel by the mountainside, pretty mysterious if you ask us. Out from the tunnel you’ll be welcomed to the pebbly beach. Locals and visitors have named this beach as one of the loveliest for swimming, so if you can bear the stones instead of warm sand, we recommend you take a visit to here as soon as you can. With the cliffs adjacent the beach, the drops and hairpins along with it are some of the most breath-taking to see, especially if you choose to drive to there. As you swim around the bay, you’ll notice the many fish and other aquatic wildlife swimming about. If you do decide to take the trip down to Sa Calobra be careful of the other oncoming cars and traffic, which is said to be banned soon, looking into getting the bus down may be worthwhile instead.

S’Amarador Beach

In the south-eastern part of Mallorca, S’Amarador beach can be found in the natural park of Mondrago. Since its location is in a nature park instead of a resort, expect many trees, natural sand dunes, rocky terrain and other forestry surroundings instead of decadent restaurants, bars and beach clubs. This is a small sacrifice to pay if you want a lowkey beach experience. S’Amarador beach has two other beaches next to it so if you’re looking for a change during the day why not visit Cala Mondrago or Cala D’en Borgit that’s only a short walk away. The beach is bigger in size than the others which is perfect for families and larger groups. The beach can be accessed by car and during the summer months you can expect larger and livelier crowds visiting.

With this list of stunning beaches in mind, there are many more to discover in Mallorca, so why not look into booking today! For a new adventure, some down time at the beach, and maybe trying out a new watersport like stand-up paddle boarding or jet skiing, there’s many things to do at the beaches of Mallorca and many memories to create!

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