If you have a small room with enormous stuff, then it becomes difficult to keep it organized and clean as well. Regular cleaning and optimum storage solution can help you in making your small room appear larger. Tackling clutter in a small room is a daunting process, but little efforts and proper planning can help you to get it clean in a few minutes.

You should start from the basics like collecting the cleaning supplies such as a broom, mop, HEPA backpack vacuum cleaner, bucket, floor cleaning solution, window cleaning solution, etc. After that start decluttering and they move to the cleaning task. After decluttering, your small room will look organized and larger as well.

Here, we are going to list some points that will help in maintaining your small room organized and clean:

1. Make Your Bed

The bed is the focal point in all bedroom whether small or large, therefore, you should start with making your bed. You should first move all those things that do not belong to your bed. After making your bed, you will see that your small room will start appearing little spacious. After that nicely place bedsheet and tuck it.

Also, arrange your pillows in a beautiful way.  You should remove those pillows from the bed that you do not use or need less often. Also, you should clean your bed and rugs once a week with a HEPA backpack vacuum cleaner to prevent them from dust and dust mites.

2. Remove Unwanted Things

You should toss everything in your small room and get rid of all Get rid of things you haven’t used in the last six months. This may be difficult at first because it is hard to decide whether you want to keep this item or throw it. You should stop adding unwanted things in your house because they will only pile up clutter.

So, be honest and get rid of unwanted stuff that is just covering space in your house and not of any use. You can sell these items or donate them. If they are not in good condition, then send them to the recycling center.

3. Pack Away Less Often Used Items

You should pack all those items that you less often use and store them in drawers or closets. You can store small items in your dressers and drawers as well. You should keep separate space for everything so that you can place back every item to their designated area after their use. This way you can prevent your room from clutter. The less cluttered room means less dust and you will have a clean and organized small room.

4. Maintain Optimum Storage Unit

It is recommended to use some stackable storage containers. You should use plastic containers to properly store everything around your room. You can store everything in your stacked storage system so that you can properly arrange everything in your room. Also, you should make use of wall shelves rather than tables and nightstand. The table and nightstands will cover the space and make your small room look smaller.

5. Regular Floor Cleaning

The regular floor cleaning is a very important task if you want to maintain your small room clean. You should get a perfect HEPA backpack vacuum cleaner and clean the floor, rugs and hard to reach corners as well. The regular floor cleaning will make your room free from dirt, dust, and unwanted spots. After that, you should wipe the floor with a wet mop. Use a floor cleaning solution to get a shiny look. Do not forget to dut your window and wipe them with a window cleaning solution.

6. Rearrange Furniture

Bad arrangement of furniture leads to improper space utilization. The room has already a small size, therefore, you should look around for the best arrangement of furniture. The good arrangement of furniture will let you move around your small room freely. You will find out that different kinds of arrangements will help in maintaining good space in your small room.

For planning a furniture arrangement, you should draw your room and then plan the furniture. A good arrangement of furniture will also let you do efficient regular cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. Make sure to check HEPA backpack vacuum cleaner reviews before investing in anyone.

7. Repaint Your Walls

The dark-colored walls will make small rooms appear cluttered and smaller as well. If your small room has dark color paint, then you should repaint your walls with light or neutral colors. You can hire s professional for re-painting your walls. You should pick a satin finish to make the room spacious and illuminated as well. After repainting your walls, clean room with a vacuum cleaner and a wet mop.

8. Hang TV On Wall

You should get one hanging device to hang your TV on the walls. This way you can create more space and make your room appear spacious less cluttered. Rather than placing a TV on a table, you should place it on a shelf and get more space to move around.


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