Spain’s Mallorca recently launched a dog poo restriction using DNA testing to trap owners and ask them to pay €300 for not cleaning up the mess.

Dog owners are to supply samples of their doggy’s DNA to veterinarians. The samples would be obtained either through a blood test or by swabbing a dog’s mouth for saliva.

Dog droppings are not only unpleasant but constitute a great danger to humans concerning the spread of diseases. Its negligence and poor management have been a problem in Mallorca’s capital city of Palma.

In an attempt to tangle the issue, officials at Palma City council have taken upon themselves to generate a databank for dogs’ DNA.

This way, the careless dog owner can be trapped down and punished for the crime of not clearing up the poop, indirectly boosting the risk of spreading diseases.

Dog owners are expected to register and provide samples of their doggy’s DNA, obtain via blood test or saliva from the mouth to veterinarians to generate the database.

Through the municipal welfare ordinance, officers can take tidy samples of stools which would then be sent to the laboratory for stool analysis, to pinpoint which canine deposited the poo.

Upon finding a match within the set databank, the doggy’s owner can face a heavy fine of up to €300, plus an added €50 estimated to be the cost for processing the sample.

However, this is not the genesis in attempts to deal with the hitch of excrement on the streets of Spanish towns and cities using inventive fresh techniques.

Upon implementing a compulsory DNA analysis for Dog poo in 2016, Mislata has witnessed a 90% reduction in dog waste along streets.

To the east of Madrid, the town Brunete propelled a movement against dog poo on streets. In this case, dog excrement was packaged, accompanied by a letter of warning and sent to offender promising a penalty in case of repetition. This was made possible by uncovered helpers who will monitor a civilian to register a dog’s name and breed to permit checking at the local pet databank.

Another decree that inhabitants look onto is the verdict that will not only set maximum pet limit per home but also pronounce that pet owners dilute urine of their pets on public roads with water.




























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