A patient showing coronavirus symptoms has been kept in isolation at Can Mises and his blood samples sent to Son Espases Hospital, Palma-Mallorca, for analysis after returning from Italy. Results will be due in 24 to 48 hours. 

He contacted the emergency services after perceiving mild symptoms of the disease.

Records hold that Italy has lost 7 persons to the disease and is presently accommodating 283 infected cases. 

Earlier, the Health Department-Mallorca stated that the rapid increase in the cases of coronavirus in Italy is tormenting, relating to the high number of passengers arriving in Palma from Italian ports weekly, 

This has caused the Balearic Island to be wide-awake as local sources anticipate a potential rise in the national protocol for flights and ferries arriving daily from Ibiza to Mallorca, should the patient test positive for the virus.

Salvador Illa, Minister of Health, has declared that the protocol implemented at the end of January to deal with Covid-19 patients stands. He confirmed that the Ministry was on high alert of any new cases in the Balearic Islands and shall take actions accordingly. “The instructions will be followed as the cases of coronavirus evolve in autonomous communities and we are analyzing all the latest events in detail” he guaranteed.

The Health Ministry, however, supposes that the victim could have contracted the virus from Northern Italy. 



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