The pandemic hit to the tourism industry is the largest known worldwide in peacetime, and proposals aimed at boosting national tourism post Coronavirus crisis have begun in the Balearic Islands. 

PINEM (an association of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses -Mallorca) has beckoned the Spanish government to offer a flat rate of 30 euros on the airline as well as ferry tickets across the Balears and Mainland Spain. The association believes that this measure will boost national tourism post-COVID-19 Pandemic, thus helping the economy to recover speedily. 

 Nevertheless, only those resident in Spain and or those in possession of the Spanish passport will enjoy the price benefit.

Jordi Mora, leader of PINEM, claims that via this proposal, the Balearic Island would not only emerge the “most attractive destination in the country this summer” but will also furnish the government with a major drive towards advancing national tourism. 

Mora equally noted that Sardinia had put forth a pricing plan aimed at enticing Italians from Rome and Milan once the travel restrictions are uplifted. Italians can travel to Sardinia at low rates of 37 euros. 

With aviation tickets of €37 to €46, the action serves to reduce the economic hit of the virus and rescue a tourism sector worth almost 200 billion euros.

“It is important to learn from measures that are being applied in other Mediterranean islands,” Mora remarked.

Low flight tickets to the Balearic Islands will heighten the economy. 

On the other hand, AVIBA – Association of Travel Agencies in the Balearic Islands proposes that the Spanish government extends the Residents’ Cut to Spaniards. This way, travellers flying between the Peninsula and Balears can obtain a 75% discount on flight and ferry tickets once travel restrictions are relaxed. 

AVIBA under President Xisco Mulet maintains that if widened, this measure would revive the region’s economic engine as well as the tourism sector.

 Mulet also claims that AVIBA is working on a Tourist Exchange Project with travel agencies in Castilla y Leon, Galicia, the Valencian Community and Aragon

 It is worth noting that the Balearic Hotel Association (ACH) recently stated that more than 50% of hotels in Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera have decided to remain sealed till 2021.

Besides, the bulk of companies inside the hospitality, commerce and nightlife industries will probably delay opening until Easter 2021.

Because of the dread of incurring huge expenses that cannot be balanced with the usual inrush of tourists, there is a developing agreement among unions that reopening with no customers will create more damages than bonuses.

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