The Balearic government has requested a series of protective actions to safeguard its economy from the terrifying challenges (health crises, lockdowns and ghosted cities) inflicted by the novel coronavirus.  

The president of the Balearic Islands, Francina Armengol, put forth numerous formal demands via a videoconference to Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez as well as top government officials. 

To combat the dreaded impact of COVID-19 on employment and the economy, the president summons Sanchez to implement precise exceptional tactics to preserve the Balearic Islands amid the lockdowns. 

 “In the face of some very difficult weeks ahead, we must implement measures to protect the self-employed and small-to-medium-sized business, as well as large corporations who employ others,” President Armengol stated.

Some of these measures would include;

Firstly, suspending mortgage pays for traders (business owner and self-employed) whose earnings will probably be adversely affected by the lockdown. 

Secondly, taxes on big companies should perhaps likewise be deferred while electricity bills deadlines could be prolonged. 

Talking to government officials through video conference, she further added that extra measures were requested to reconsider and shield workers and the unemployed who had hopes on periodic contracts. 

“I have asked the Prime Minister to protect workers, guarantee jobs and unemployment benefits. We do not want this situation to generate more layoffs.” Armengol elucidated. 

She evenly recommended for more strict travel restraints to be implemented in Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca, much greater than the 50% decrease suggested in the state of alarm edict. 

Besides, the government calls for the cancellation of flights toward Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza to shun inhabitants from Balearic’s worst-affected areas. 

President Francina Armengol similarly stressed that strict orders have been given to hotel owners all over the islands. Hoteliers must not take new reservations within the next two weeks. Also, tourists occupying their properties shall be charged to go back home soonest.  

Meanwhile, she urged those with a second home in Spain, who intend to return to their autonomous regions, to review and return when things get to normalcy.

“Tourists from the rest of Spain who are currently on the islands should return to their autonomous communities immediately. Foreigners must also understand that being here means staying locked up inside a hotel.

“We are asking for an enormous effort from civilians so that we can contain the spread of coronavirus,” president Armengol ended. 

The burdens emerged when 11 more people tested positive to coronavirus in the Balearic Islands, as of yesterday, raising the total COVID-19 victims to 55; 50 in Mallorca, 3 in Menorca and 2 in Ibiza. 



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