The Ministry of Education in Spain, under Minister Isabel Celaa, has pronounced that the school year will terminate in June while summer will be marked by various voluntary projects. 

The program will close in June and, with little exemptions, the ‘general rule’ will be that all learners in early schooling, primary, secondary and the first year of pre-university education, will get a passing grade this academic year.

However, it is not clear whether or not the learners will return to the classrooms before the school year goes by. 

As pronounced on social media: “Pressing for students to return to the classroom is not the solution… Working in coordination with the Autonomous Regions to reach an agreement that gives certainty to families and students is what we are doing from the Government.” Cella declared.

More than 8million non-university scholars have been out of schools since the state of alert was declared with at least 10% lacking access to the technology needs for online coursework. 

On this bases, educators argue that learners in those families with no access to technology could be left behind increasing the risk of their dropping out of the system.  

Nonetheless, the priority is to save the school year so learners can continue progressing in their studying, particularly those most vulnerable learners.

As a result, actions shall be considered to make the curriculum and teaching schedules more flexible. Some of these actions will include the following; 

To begin with, instruction exercises will be modified to suit the circumstances and to particularly cater to students with inadequate access to technology as well as students with special needs. 

Again, the 3rd term will incorporate remedial activity, review and support with flexibility exercises.  

“We will use the third term for remedial work, revision and reinforcement with flexible activities.” Minister Celaa stated

Also, voluntary activities shall be planned in summer, coupled with recreational activities- but with no formal teaching activities. 

 Besides that, government officials have resolved that all students will obtain a passing grade for this school year; grades will be granted per first and second term performances. 

 Still, the general university entry exams for this year will be abridged to consider the extraordinary situation.

“We must focus on essential learning, taking care not to overload the students with excessive tasks,” Celaa emphasized. 


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