The Spanish government has endeavoured to define the specifications of uplifting the COVID-19 restrictions on open-air exercises. 

Beginning on Saturday, May 2nd, 2020, people in Spain will be allowed to leave their houses for a walk and or individual exercises like cycling, jogging, walking or running etc. 

 To maintain control, a time slot has been drafted to facilitate the smooth running of these exercises. 

On this basis, adults are permitted out of their homes from 6-10 am (morning sessions) and 8-11 pm (evening sessions).

The dependants and persons aged above 70, 10 am -12 pm, 7-8 pm, for morning and evening sessions respectively while children are allowed to exercise from 12-7 pm daily. 

However, the BOE (Boletín Oficial del Estado) State bulletin published yesterday reads that adults are given no time limit, that is to mean they may stay out as long as they want to walk and exercise but must respect the authorised time slots but children are to remain within the limits. 

Notwithstanding, everyone is expected to remain within one kilometre around his/her residence during such walks. Also, it is possible to walk with another adult provided s/he is from the same home. Moreover, it is highly prohibited to use engine-powered vehicles or public transportation to reach your place of ‘ walk or exercise. 

But with exercising, 

  • the distance limit prevails in your municipality.
  • the use of face masks is not compulsory although highly recommended.
  •  at least 2 metres social distancing must be obeyed. 

Again, BOE reads that those exercising are advised to avoid ‘crowded places’ and shouldn’t stop’unnecessarily while exercising’. Therefore you are required to use the shortest time possible for breath-catching if you deem it necessary. Also, access to sports equipment which had been shutdown shall not be allowed.

All in all, people can as from tomorrow ‘circulate on any road or place meant for communal use, including approved green areas, if and only if the limit instituted remains within their municipality

It is worth noting that the time slots apply only to households in municipalities with more than five thousand people. In the other case, people are permitted outside from 6 am to 11 pm.

It is still unclear whether people can walk, run or exercise with their pets. This only means that the rules governing the taking of pets outside still stands.


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