Almost all modular home designs consist of facias, soffits, and guttering installation, which offer many advantages along with improving the barrier appeals of the modern structure. All three of them seem to go together & hand in hand to provide high functionalities.

We all know gutters are the most common home component that always prevents a roof from unwanted flooding. In contrast, fascia and soffits are used to support the integrity of rain gutters.

Since soffits & fascia are a very important part of any home roof, it is very important to keep them in good condition and repair or replace them from time to time when required. The best option of doing so is to pay for professional roofing services providers to take care of these issues for you, and another one is considered DIY.


The fascia is the board which is mounted at the point where the roofline meets the outer walls of the home. So, most people considered the main board that carries the gutter.

The fascia board is the long, thick, and straight board that runs along with the roofline. It fixed directly to the lower ends of the roofline trusses and supported the lower side of the bottom tiles row. It always carries all the guttering of your home.

All three types of fascias boards,’ i.e., Timber, Aluminium, uPVC Fascias, are made of different materials like Timber, Aluminium & vinyl, and use as per requirement in particular qualities after planning for its installation.

  • Timber Fascias

Timber Fascia Boards was the most popular choice among most of the owners of the house because of a lot of benefits that make our house more beautiful. There is only one drawback with this which people are not able to fix it, and that is rotting & corrosion, which means it needs repair or replacement.


  • It looks shining.
  • If you don’t want to spend more money for a short period of time, than this is an affordable option for you.
  • One of the best qualities of timber fascias is water-resistance.
  • Repainting the fascia board increases its resilience.


  • Aluminum Fascias

This is another very popular fascias board that is used by house owners for giving a designable look to their house. Aluminum fascias have a drawback that its expensiveness as compared to other fascias available in the market.


  • It is a versatile material
  • Easy to install and cut
  • Low maintenance material cost
  • Easy to paint according to home design
  • uPVC Fascias

It is the best and most popular type of fascia board for homeowners. It is the most cost-effective material for fascias board found so far.


  • Extremely durable & cheap
  • Simply & quickly installed
  • High levels of weather protection
  • Easy to clean & maintain
  • Available in a wide range of colors


Soffits are similar to fascias; it is tucked away under the fascia’s board. It is the board mostly visible at the street level. It can be ventilated to allow the airflow into the roof. As it will increase the risk of timber decay if ventilation is not adequate, due to condensation.

Before you are planning to invest your money into new soffits for your beautiful home, consider this point like your local climate, budget, and DIY capabilities, because it will make a great difference in your decision.

  • Timber Soffits

Once, it was the most popular among all, but they faced the same decayed material issues.


  • Adds financial value & aesthetic to the home
  • Can be repainted easily as much as needed
  • Has a natural, timeless appeal
  • Recyclable & eco-friendly


  • Steel Soffits

It is more preferable because of its durability. It has a wide variety of colors. But they are expensive as compared with other common materials.


  • Durable & long-lasting
  • Can be pre-cut
  • Wide range of colors
  • Good for seasonal weather changes


  • Fibre Cement Soffits

They are popular in building trade, especially in roofing materials.


  • Very light-weight
  • Wide range of color & styles available
  • Waterproof material
  • Cost-effective and affordable


  • uPVC Soffits

It’s available at an extremely affordable cost and growing everywhere you look.


  • Water & rot resistant
  • Simple and easy installation
  • Less maintenance cost

Maintenance Issues relates to Fascia, Soffits & Guttering:-

There is a lot of issues related to fascia, soffits & guttering of our home. Here we are going to describes some common issues.  So you can be considered a professional roofing services provider to examine and do need.

  • Common Cracks & Discolouration

If you see any type of cracks or discoloration on the surface of soffits or guttering or fascia, then this is an indication of maintenance, In this situation, you will have to replace or repaint the affected area as soon as possible.

  • Rotting & Imperfections

It is normal when exposed to outdoor weather conditions; sometimes, they start showing signs of imperfection. Wooden material normally rots due to moisture and need to replace.

  • Water Leakage Issues

Sometimes we face water leakage issues with fascia/soffits/gutters because of incorrect installation, not any leakage in fascia/soffits/gutters. If the roofing system is not installed correctly, it leads to a water leakage issue in our living house.


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