If you look at the photos of tourists who rested in Mallorca, then 90% of people have
a photo of how the sun rises there. And this is not surprising, because Mallorca is a
place with one of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets in Europe. Or maybe even
in the world. Of course, sunrises and sunsets are not the only things you need to go
to Mallorca for. It also has white beaches with turquoise water, a rich underwater
world that is not inferior to the Dominican Republic or the Maldives, delicious cuisine,
interesting architecture, and high mountains.

When you see it all with your own eyes, stop for a few moments and admire the
beautiful sunrise Mallorca (and before that, the same beautiful sunset). In this article,
we have compiled a list of locations with the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets on
this island.

Secret Places Where to See Sunrise

Most tourists who travel to Mallorca know that admiring sunrises and sunsets is a
must-do here But almost everyone wants to find a place where there were few
tourists and where does the sun rise. But there are few such secret places since
Mallorca has become a favorite resort for tourists from all over the world. Here are
the best places to give you unforgettable emotions from sunrise.

1. Cala Ratjada

This large and popular resort captivates the attention of many tourists. But in addition
to comfortable hotels, this place can be considered one of the best places to enjoy
the sunrise. We recommend straddling the sunrise on one of the beaches. You will
have no difficulties with the choice since all the beaches are 2.2 km from each other.
However, there are also some secret places that are rarely mentioned in touristic
guidelines and travel maps.

“If you want to find beaches where you can enjoy the best sunrises, then go to the to
nearby beaches called Cala Mesquida and Cala Aguilla.”- shared his travel
experience CEO from the Online Writers Rating writing service review platform.

2. Cap de Formentor

The scenic Cap de Formentor is located on the north coast. The extraordinary
beauty of the landscape, massive rocks descend to the blue sea and their peaks are
covered with green forests. This place is very popular among tourists because of the

beautiful sandy beach with clear water. But why not head here before sunset? Just
for this, there is an observation deck which is located 300m above the sea.
Most likely, in any case, you will go here on a tour, so we recommend that you plan
everything in advance to get here just in time for sunset. In fact, you can spend the
whole day here, as there really is something to see and soak up on the beach.
Moreover, you can even stay here for the night, although living here is very
expensive. But the view from the window is worth that money without a doubt.
Be prepared for the fact that during the high season, there may be a peak of tourists,
so it is better to come either early in the morning or late in the evening. But even at
rush hour, you can calmly enjoy the sunset. Especially if you climb the Watchtower,
as many can be too lazy to climb there. But there are truly bewitching views opened
from here and it’s a good place to see the sunrise.

3. Valldemossa

Even if you do not have your own or rented transport, do not be too lazy to get here
by the public one. This popular mountain village is 17 km from Palma. It is interesting
that this village became famous for its beautiful romantic history. Chopin and George
Sand fled to this village and hid in a monastery for two months.

The monastery was originally planned to be a royal residence that was built in the
14th century. To please the soul with burning dawn, it will be enough for you to go
down to the beach before the start. In order to enjoy the sunset, you will need to
climb to the observation deck from where a view that will take your breath away

A little tip: If you want something even more exotic, then you can ask the best
places from the locals. Just choose non-sellers as advisers, as they can often direct
you to tourist destinations. If you really need a secret sunrise spot Mallorca, then no
one better than the locals will tell you. But remember about safety, so before you go
to unknown places, google the coordinates and read the information about what is
located there.

The Most Popular Restaurants Where to Enjoy Meals and
Watch the Sunset

If you are one of those who do not like outdoor activities and running up the hill to
enjoy the sunset, you can do it based on your preferences. All you need to do is get
to the terrace of a suitable restaurant where you can enjoy the evening sky.
Enjoying the sunrise in a restaurant is certainly a challenge, but there are some
restaurants with excellent cuisine and the opportunity to enjoy a delightful sunset.

1. Cas Carreter

Some tourists mark this traditional restaurant as one of the best places to watch the
sunset and enjoy traditional dishes. A cozy and homely atmosphere, beautiful
landscape and amazing sky await you in this place.

2. Sa Foradada

This restaurant is located not far from the village of Deia, which is highly
recommended for all tourists to visit, as it is considered one of the most beautiful in
Spain. Here you can enjoy both traditional cuisine and all kinds of grilled dishes. And
of course, in the evening you can enjoy the evening sky and sunset.

3. Sa Coma

In this place, you can immediately kill two birds with one stone. Staying at the hotel
every day you can watch the picturesque sunrises and sunsets. There is a restaurant
with good cuisine and of course with a terrace. The cuisine of this restaurant is
mainly based on traditional dishes.

4. Es Grau

The terrace of this restaurant is considered one of the best in the area, so if you find
yourself nearby, be sure to stay here in the evening. The terrace offers panoramic
views. The most interesting thing here is that even when the sun has already set, the
sky will play with different colors for a long time until complete darkness.

The Short Memo For Tourists Who Go to Mallorca

Now you know where spots are located to admire both sunrise and sunset. In fact, in
order to enjoy this beauty, there is absolutely no need to pay a lot of money to get to
some exclusive places. The main point is to monitor the time of sunrise and come to
a point earlier so as not to miss anything. So, you know a lot about sunrise, let's talk
about what you need to consider in general when you plan a vacation in Mallorca.

● To rent a car you will need a standard set of documents and be older 23
years. As for the cost, it will vary depending on the car. The average cost is
30 euros. It is worth considering that finding a free parking space is a difficult
task, so be prepared for a fee for a parking space.

● The peak of the tourist season falls at the beginning of July and up to mid-
September. From September to November, the rainy season begins.

● Most tourists prefer to stay on the south coast. Many recommend considering
the north coast. By the way, most of the locations from our article are located

● As the best entertainment, diving schools can be noted. The underwater world
of this resort is rich in caves, coral reefs, and even sunken ships. You can
even celebrate a wedding underwater surrounded by 12 sharks. It sounds
strange, but you probably haven’t seen this before.

● On virtually every beach, you can enjoy windsurfing. It is full of trainers and
favorable conditions for this entertainment almost every day.

● For holidays with children, it is recommended to consider the west coast.
There is a large concentration of bays and sandy beaches. Moreover, almost every beach is surrounded by pine trees that prevent the wind and even save
from the burning sun.

● Young people who are looking for a budget option should pay attention to the
El Arenal. There are a large number of hotels and bars. But for those who
love silence, this option may not be suitable.

The Final Words

Holidays in Mallorca is a unique opportunity to visit an island that is located within
Europe. Because of the mix of exoticism and European service, travelers
increasingly make their choice in favor of this resort.

Although Majorca is not the cheapest resort, it will remain in everyone’s heart. The
beauty of nature, the purity of beaches, and incredible sunrises are what you should
expect from an upcoming trip.

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