Nothing can match the experience of spending some time closer to nature, leaving all the worldly problems behind. And this is exactly what desert safari Dubai offers. Known for its exhilarating experience it provides to the guests, it has become one of the major attractions of the emirate.

Dubai desert safari trip organisers offer this extravagant experience in different packages and types. They vary in terms of price, time and services included. In this post, we have explained different types of Dubai desert safari. Continue reading!

Morning Desert Safari

Morning desert safari starts around 9 am. Guests are picked from their hotels or designated spots. They are then taken to the desert on luxury 4×4 wheelers through mighty sand dunes. During this journey, guests can also enjoy dune bashing and quad biking. Once they reach the camp, they can enjoy different activities such as quad biking, camel ride, dune buggy safari, sand boarding etc.

Desert Safari Dubai

Benefits of Opting for Morning Desert Safari

  • If you are short on time, you can enjoy morning desert safari as you will be back by the hotel before evening.
  • As during mornings, the desert is relatively empty, you will be able to explore it in a peaceful manner without any chaos or crowd.
  • The weather is mostly pleasant in the morning. Thus, guests can enjoy different activities before it gets too hot.
  • If you have selected a package that includes breakfast, you can relish mouth-watering Arab style delicacies.
  • It is the cheapest among all the desert safari options. Therefore, if you have budget constraints, you can opt for this package and enjoy the amazing experience it offers without burning a hole in your pockets.

Evening Desert Safari

Evening desert safari starts late afternoon and takes guests to a wonderful ride amidst sand dunes. This type of desert safari contains all of the activities, which are available in the morning package. Furthermore, guests can also enjoy some additional fun-filled activities and live performances by belly dancers. Fire and Tanura shows are also organised in the evening desert safari.

A delicious BBQ dinner is arranged for guests and alcohol is also available. However, the latter is charged separately.

Benefits of Opting for Evening Desert Safari

  • Guests can enjoy beautiful views of the sunset. The sight of the sun setting in the desert is simply unforgettable.
  • Evening desert safari is famous among locals and tourists for the host of activities it has in store for them. From henna painting to belly dancing, there will be not a single moment for guests.
  • The live BBQ further enhances the excitement level of this type of desert safari.  
  • This type of desert safari is moderately priced.

Overnight Desert Safari

Undoubtedly, offering the best experience of exploring the desert, the overnight desert safari is a complete package that includes dinner, desert exploration and sleeping under the sky. Guests can take part in and enjoy a host of activities organised by them.

Benefits of Opting for Overnight Desert Safari

  • Camps are set up for guests where they can spend the night in the middle of the desert and have a one-of-its-kind experience, which is going to remain etched in their memories forever.
  • A scrumptious meal including veg and non-veg options are available for guests. A live BBQ is also arranged for them.
  • Live dancing performances and shows are organized in overnight desert safari for the entertainment of guests.
  • Overnight desert safari offers a double bonanza for guests. They can not only enjoy the breath-taking sunset views; early risers can also capture the mesmerising of the sun rising in the desert.
  • Although it is expensive but offers complete value for money because of the fun-filled activities it has and sights of surroundings guests get to enjoy.

The Best Option

As stated above, the overnight desert safari is certainly the best option as it offers the safari experience in the truest sense. From camping to exploring the desert, it has everything for guests. If you are concerned about the safety and comfort, don’t fret as tour organisers take complete care of each and every aspect. For the enhanced comfort of guests, sleeping bags and blankets are available. There is a fully-stocked bar, separate washroom for men and women and other conveniences.

Having said that, the other two options also offer unique experiences. Ultimately, it all comes down to your budget and preference. If you can afford and fancy spending a night under the sky, opt for overnight desert safari.


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