Mosquitoes largely get evil press, people hardly like them although a few claim to.

But whatever the case, the creature has its unique role in the ecosystem. A mosquito bite ranges from typically ranges from simply annoying to deadly.

The tiger mosquitoes from Eastern Asia are deprived of fliers but excellent travellers. Accordingly, this mosquito often finds its way to faraway distances, due to trade and tourism, spreading dangerous infectious diseases to almost every country.

The female spreads blood-borne diseases to a broad variety of animals because of its potential to feed on a range of animals. It is particularly a notorious parasitic carrier of roundworm, Dirofilaria immitis, which causes heartworm in cats and dogs. 

Once bitten by this mosquito, the worm may grow to 12inches attaching itself in the pulmonary arteries resulting in severe damages to organs, like the lung and heart, if not promptly managed.

The veterinary clinic, Moixica, issued a bill informing urging pet owners, in Can Picafort, Sa Pobla, Palma, and Alcudia, to be on the lookout for the disease diseases by the tiger mosquitoes like the Zengue, Zika and Chikungunya, as well as uphold preventive measures to impair further spread and damages.  

A veterinarian at Moixica clinic, Marcos, revealed that the major issue was the lack of symptoms that an animal might display even though carrying the infection.   

“By the time fatigue, coughs, a swollen abdomen and renal failure are noticeable; the disease is serious, where long and complex treatment will be needed” He added.

According to Mikel Bengoa, a top expert on tiger mosquitos in Spain, the species has one of the utmost invasive abilities on Earth. He urges individuals to be on alert even though no cases have been registered so far in mallorca.

“The bigger the mosquito population, the more chance there is of infection, it’s a matter of probability just like the lottery, so it is not surprising that veterinarians have issued a warning about heartworm,” Bengoa added. 

With humidity being a favorable factor for growth of parasitic diseases, the Balearic Island serves as perfect ground for the tiger mosquitos’ growth. Consequently, a way to combat the spread can be by avoiding standing water in pots and bottles outside which serves as breeding grounds for these mosquitos. 







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