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A great deal of free time free from the daily mundane tasks and restrictions; turn holidays into the ideal period for indulging in pastimes and hobbies. / Published on 23 Mar, 2015 Read Article..
If you choose to stay here, read to see more information on the highly ranked restaurants in Port Adriano. / Published on 09 Nov, 2014 Read Article..
Camp de Mar is one of the tourist spots on its south west coast. It is a perfect place for families with small children, since the water is calm, shallow and clean, while the sand is soft. / Published on 09 Nov, 2014 Read Article..
Porto Petro is magnificent place in Mallorca Island. There is something for everyone and you will find many things to keep you entertained. Finding a good place in this city is simple; there are many restaurants that offer great food. / Published on 29 Apr, 2014 Read Article..
Choosing the best place to have lunch or dinner, may not be easy, because all the restaurants have something amazing for their customers. / Published on 27 Apr, 2014 Read Article..
Here is a small selection from the best Restaruants in Palma de Mallorca / Published on 13 Apr, 2014 Read Article..
Puerto Andratx is a very popular resort which attracts a large number of tourists. The place is famous for its restaurants which serve excellent food. Puerto Andratx has a wonderful harbour. / Published on 09 Feb, 2014 Read Article..

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