For most modern tourists, a vacation in Mallorca is something unforgettable and desirable. A trip to the island will stand out, regardless of the number of countries, cities, and islands you have already seen. Mallorca will make everyone fall in love with this place, offering a unique mix of incredibly beautiful nature, bays, and sunny beaches. There are all conditions for different preferences. For example, you can enjoy warm beaches, or you can go to orange paradise. This is a place where old and new are perfectly combined, and this is perhaps one of the most delightful phenomena of Mallorca.

Also, almost everyone planning to visit it knows that this is one of the most luxurious and expensive European resorts. But even those who want to enjoy all the beauties of this island with a minimal budget have such an opportunity. Below you will find everything about traveling to Mallorca on a student budget.

When To Visit Mallorca?

If we talk about a budget vacation option, then you should give preference to the end of September and October if you want comfortable weather and the possibility of a beach vacation. The beach season lasts from May to September, at this time there is practically no precipitation and you can enjoy the comfortable weather.

From September to November, temperatures on the island are acceptable. But if we talk about the period from March to April, the air temperature can even be cold. By the way, during this period, many hotels may not work.

Therefore, if you want to get the opportunity for a budget holiday and enjoy the good weather, then you should plan your trip from the end of September to the beginning of November. But you should be prepared for the fact that at the beginning of November, it will be cold for swimming and sunbathing. But as a significant advantage, the prices for services will be significantly low,  allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the island and relax in the best European resort on a budget.

What Do You Need To Know To Organize A Budget Travel In Mallorca?

In addition to booking flights early, there are some more tips that will help you reduce costs, which every tourist cannot avoid. Use the following tips to make your vacation fit your budget.

Choose Public Transport

The first place to start for students on a budget is to forget about taxi services. There is no problem in getting from point A to point B by public transport, which will be cheaper than using a taxi. For example, you can reach most of the major beaches right from the airport.

The only thing worth considering is that some routes may not be frequent, so you should check the timetable in advance. If you want to explore the countryside and admire the flavor of the Spanish villages, then you can use the train. There is a train that will take you to the big market, and there is a train that will take you to the orange and lemon gardens and olive groves.

If you want to rent a car, then you need to book a car in advance. This will save the cost of services. But even though the car gives more freedom, you still can visit many interesting places using public transport. Also, note that you can rent a bike to get around Mallorca. It is also a budget and convenient option especially if you travel out of season. At the end of the season, there will be fewer tourists and it will be easier to move around the island.

Book Your Accommodation in Advance

If you want to spend as little money as possible on accommodation, then consider options in Palma. It is not a secret that hostels in Majorca cost much more, especially during the peak season. Don’t forget about an early booking rule that will help you rent accommodation at reasonable prices. Early booking applies to everything. For example, if you have problems with research paper writing, then the sooner you hire the Best Writers Online from the custom writing services reviews website, the less you will pay for the service.

As for the hotel options, many tourists recommend such a hotel as the Azuline Hotel Palmanova Garden. The key advantages of this hotel are the location, breakfast, and average cost. When choosing a hotel, always pay attention to the reviews and also, do not forget that prices begin to decrease from September, and if you travel out of season, you can stay at a hotel for the price of a hostel in a season.

If you are going on a trip with a large company, then you should consider such an option as renting a villa. This can be the best option for a large company both in terms of comfort and cost. If you book early, you may find a villa where the cost per person can be equal to the cost of hotel accommodation.

Forget About Problems with Food

The good news is that you won’t have any food problems in Mallorca, just like you can solve your essay problems with the Writing Judge custom writing services reviews platform. The local cuisine is distinguished by a mix of Mediterranean, Moorish and Catalan traditions. You can easily find places where you will satisfy not only your taste preferences but also financial ones. For example, a lunch can cost as little as 4 euros.

Also, many cafes offer set meals, which can cost up to 7-9 euros. As for seafood, such dishes will cost much more and you will have to spend about 30 euros. Even though there are no problems with fish on the island, this does not affect the cost in any way.

If we talk about maximum savings, then it is worth visiting the grocery market. Cooking yourself can be the cheapest option, but there must be special conditions in your accommodation. But keep in mind that you can find a variety of fruits on the market at a reasonable price as a healthy and delicious snack.

Monitor Current Information Regarding the Pandemic

Before you go on a trip, be sure to read all the rules for tourists. Remember that new rules for tourism may be introduced, so you should always be aware of the current data and rules for tourists due to COVID-19. Familiarize yourself with the situation on the island in the context of the pandemic. To have access to up-to-date information use the Travel Safe site.

If you already have a list of places you want to visit, then be sure to check the opening hours and the rules for visiting. This is especially true at the end of the season in Mallorca For example, some museums may be open on certain days, and the same applies to some public transport routes since locals use cars. At the end of the tourist season, many routes may go less frequently.

Wrapping Up

A budget student vacation in Mallorca is a reality that you can get if you spend a little of your time researching and planning. Use these tips, and you can visit Mallorca even on a tight budget.


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