Farmers and agricultural sector staff announced a protest last month, against Trump’s Olive tariff, to execute on February 14th.  The US president, Donald Trump, recently increased the tax on Spanish olive exports, (including Spanish wine, cheese, olive, and pork), to America by a 25% levy (almost 15,000 tons).

The protest holding  February 14th in Valencia and Tuesday, February 18th in Cadiz is aimed at calling on the government to uphold actions that will warrant equitable economic yields. According to Lorenzo Ramos Silva, Secretary-General of UPA (Union of Small Farmers and Ranchers, Spain), the protest is against progressively difficult working conditions, high cost for farmland enacted by the government. “Our main demand is for a fair price for agri-food products,” said COAG general secretary of Madrid farmers, Ivana Martinez. COAG  is the main agricultural professional organization  (OPA) body in Spain, defending the concern of agriculture resources at the level of the state.  “You cannot plan a future with prices that are so unstable and low, if it continues like this, the rural region will die” 34years old Madrid farmer, Álvaro Martinez decries.

At Valencia, February 14th, the fierce protest was characterized by serious transport disturbances as thousands of tractors were found along the A-45 stretch of road, inflicting huge traffic on commuters. The same is anticipated for Tuesday, February 18th, as plans to meeting at Villa Marin (11:00 local time) and blocking of roads, already scheduled.

Protesters call on the Spanish government to consider the agriculture industry as one of its top priorities.

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