The former judge of Palma, Miquel Florit, has been charged with five crimes for ordering the requisition of two journalists’ handsets and the control of their communications when he instructed the infamous Cursach case in December 2018.

The then Magistrates’ decision to confiscate the handsets of the said journalists, who had been informatively covering the Cursach case, was prompted by a complaint filed by Tolo Cursach in summer 2018, reporting the existence of reserved information on the media. This got the judge to open an added piece intended to investigate the alleged reportorial leaks surrounding the odious Cursach case.

Adhering to this decision was the attempt that led the retired judge sits on the bench; the seizure of the handsets of Jose Francisco Mestre of the “Diario de Mallorca”, and the editor of Europa Press, Palma Blanca Pou, on December 11, 2018.

Judge Florit’s verdict resulted in a massive pandemonium with more than one thousand five hundred reporters subscribing an appeal in approval of the right to report.

The mobiles were however returned to the reporters early January 2019 with claims they had not been searched.

Notwithstanding, the two presses concerned had already filed complaints against Florit with the Efe agency appearing as a likewise injured party.

The reporters and prosecutors claim for the judge 42 years of ineligibility for judicial prevarication, an offence against the inviolability of domicile, against the exercise of professional secrecy and the right to privacy and illegal interception of communications in addition to requesting a heavy penalty of €43,000.

In April 2019, the former judge appeared in court as a defendant refuting the allegation of violating the professional secrecy of journalists and by September 2019, Florit was asked to sit on the bench by Felisa Vidal, judge of the TSJIB (High Court of Justice of the Balearic Islands). Reacting to this, Judge Florit requested a voluntary retirement which was granted by Spain’s General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) on January 31st.

It is worth noting that the Cursach case relates to Bartolome Cursach, who was charged with bribery, corruption and cruelty in addition to being a member of a mafia gang and is presently facing a verdict of 8years detention, €60,000 fine coupled with a fifteen-year ban from hospitality enterprise.

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