Popularly known as Isla Baleares in Spanish, this archipelago in Spain is made up of Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera as its four largest islands. This is considered to be one of the most favorite islands especially among young people considering the exciting nightlife in the island of Ibiza. The huge number of nightclubs in the place is the main reason behind the numerous young adults visiting the island every single year. World-renowned DJs swamp the island most especially during the peak season. The nightlife in Ibiza is legendary and sometimes, quite rowdy.

With this city highlight, it is advisable for young adults to get a taste of Ibiza nightlife during summer, from June to October. A large number of crowds are present in the capital, which is Ibiza Town, as well as in the western area of San Antonio. The Balearic Islands, in general, have quite a comfortable climate. The temperature during summers maintains an average of about 20 degrees Fahrenheit while the winter season is spent with the winter nights at 60 degrees Fahrenheit. With this, around 99 percent of the year is a picture of blue and clear skies with abundant sunshine. A rough estimate of 90,000 people presently resides in the island of Ibiza, and more than 2 million tourists frequent the island on a yearly basis.

For family trips, a quieter holiday is much preferred. Thus, it is advisable to visit Ibiza during the off-peak season. This is in order to avoid the crowds and have a greater chance of being in a peaceful surrounding during the entire visit. It is, however, very noticeable that the island boasts a great number of restaurants. Even with the peak season around, getting a good meal is a commodity one can easily avail of in Ibiza, with its restaurants of about 800 all in all.

In terms of transportation, buses and taxis are available in almost all parts of the main towns in the island of Ibiza. One can also opt to rent a car and drive across the town for greater freedom in terms of the different activities available in the area.

While the nightlife is the main attraction for adults in Ibiza, the nice beaches are as tempting for families and kids. Surfing is very much possible in the island. There are also golf courses, go-cart tracks and hiking trails across the place.

The sunset in the Bar Street of San Antonio is another sight to behold. One can just gaze and marvel at the whole scene without moving a muscle. This is also a nice location for a peaceful but sumptuous dinner, since local cafes and bars are available for everyone.

Places to Visit in Ibiza

Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands just off the east coast of mainland Spain in the Mediterranean. It is easily accessible from all UK airports and takes between two to two and a half hours. There are many places to visit in Ibiza despite its reputation for being a lively island for the younger generation.

The main resorts are San Antonio, Santa Eulalia, Es Cana, Ibiza Old Town, Playa de’en Bossa and Portinatx to name but a few. Portinatx is a mini resort in the north of the island and is a short drive from the airport. It is situated over the mountains and is accessed via a scenic winding road. Portinatx was the location where South Pacific was filmed and has lots of hidden coves and crystal clear waters.

It has a small number of shops and bars to explore as well as two small beaches surrounded by pine clad mountains. This resort is quiet and a perfect retreat for families away from the lively resorts on the other side of the island. Playa de’en Bossa is a resort that is situated right next to the airport and so can be a little noisy due to air traffic. It is popular with both young people and with families. It is ten minutes away from Ibiza Town by bus and has a lovely long sandy beach. It hosts two large night clubs called Space and Bora Bora. Ibiza Town is well worth a visit by day or by night. It has a port where you can catch a ferry to Formentera. There are the winding streets that lead up to the fort which has many quaint shops to look in and buy souvenirs. There are also designer shops in the main shopping area. There are two beaches in nearby smaller resorts. San Antonio is twenty minutes drive from Ibiza Town and is the main place to visit for youngsters who wish to sample the nightlife. It has a lovely front with restaurants and bars and a huge array of accommodation ranging from apartments to hotels.

The main night clubs in the near vicinity are Es Paradis, Manumussion and Eden as well as many others. Es Cana is situated near to Portinatx and is where the world famous ‘hippy market’ can be found. This market is well worth a visit and you can pick up some real bargains. It is important to remember to haggle on price but this is all part of the fun. It is a family resort that is fairly small in size. It has a small beach with calm waters where children can play safely. It is a popular resort for water sports such as windsurfing and parasiling.

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