Bedbugs are super tough to get rid of, without the right product and application. Over seventy percent of bed bugs are found in the direct areas like the bed and the bed frame and the baseboards around that area. Another twenty-three percent are found within five feet of the bed and or furniture in the bedroom. They will often move to the couch when you take a nap down there or sit on there with a bed bug on your clothing. They may be in the bathrooms when you take off your clothes to take a shower as well.

If you notice dark stains on the bed, or bed bugs crawling around, or if you wake up itchy with red welts on your body, then you have bedbugs. Does an examination of every bedroom and piece of furniture to find out their locations?

Temprid SC is what you will need as well as a hand can. Mix the desired rate and always follow the label when applying the product. You will always want to wear gloves when using the product as well.

After ordering the product, there are a few things you can do to start getting rid of the pests. First throw all clothing in the affected rooms, in the dryer on high heat for at least twenty minutes. That will kill all the bugs on the clothes. Then vacuum all the areas with bed bug activity as well. Be sure to empty the bag out quickly, because they can crawl back out of the vacuum. These steps are vital to do before and after spraying the product.

Now that you have the product and have mixed it with water in your handheld sprayer, start to spray everywhere. The baseboards in all the rooms, the headboards, behind picture frames, under the bed, the sides of the bed, and the whole bed frame. Do not spray the top of the bed or the top of the couch. We can spray under the couch, in the folds of the couch, and under chairs. Also spray under dressers, in the nightstand, the closet of the bedroom as well. Being clean and spraying affected areas, is your key to getting rid of these bedbugs for good. It is not an easy one-time application; it will require multiple applications and a bit of time to eradicate them. If for some reason after multiple applications there are still bugs, you may need to buy a stronger product, but use temprid fx to start off.

The product will last for some time, but I would spray every two weeks until you see no new activity for some time. Phantom Termiticide can also be used if the other product is not effective enough. When I was doing bed bug services, I would use those two products and they would be extremely effective. You can also put glue pads by the headboard or by the feet of the bed. This will help you see if they are adult bed bugs or nymphs.  Here’s a great guide showing how bed bug infestations are determined.


The concept of self-treatment is simple. The steps of bed bug control rely on the principle that bed bugs need food and moisture. Both of these needs are met with feeding on human blood. Vacuuming removes bed bugs from hiding places in the frame and headboard and other areas that the bugs may be hiding. Treatment options of alcohol, steam or direct sprays of pesticides can kill areas difficult to vacuum. Encasements remove harborage areas in the mattress and box spring, two areas that are very difficult to treat by other means. Finally, when the bed can be isolated from walls and made into an “island”, glue boards installed under the bedposts serve to capture bed bugs coming to the bed in search of a blood meal.

Bed bugs are attracted to the CO2 you exhale. When you’re breathing at night the bed bugs emerge from any untreated areas around the bed or in the walls seeking that CO2 emitting from the bed. Bed bugs are either entombed inside a sealed encasement or captured on a glue board under one of the bedposts. Either way, they cannot feed on the human host. Regardless of the case that applies to your situation, the concept remains the same.


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