The Association of Hoteliers in Spain’s Mallorca believe that Playa de Palma holds the perfect provisions to preserve tourists against the dreaded COVID-19.

This association put forth that, this area does not only constitute the closest tourist area to the Son Sant Joan Airport but equally displays a 5 km beach, which offers tourists the space recommended for social distancing. 

Besides, they claim that the famous holiday spot holds a large-scale reception along with various substantial parks around to follow the security measures prescribed by health experts to restrict transmission among people.

“We remain dedicated to trialling what it would be like to begin travelling to Mallorca till a vaccine is discovered,” declared the president of the Association, Jose Antonio Fernandez de Alarcon.

Alarcon adds that the Association is presenting making arrangments with a multitude of tourism corporations, airlines and tour operators in Germany to spur activities within this area.

The proposals were accelerated by the gloomy prognostication given by officials that Germans would probably not holiday in Spain this year.

Germans designate a vital financial injection for Spain and especially the Balearic Islands, upholding four million five hundred inhabitants to the Island in 2019.

Also, they are particularly attracted to Playa de Palma, comprising 60% of the global market for tourism. 

Temporally, an arrangement has been reached between TUI and the autonomous state that the Balearics shall be the premier destination in Spain that the travel operator will fly to.

Furthermore, Iago Negueruela, Spanish Minister of Tourism, held an implicit conference with officials of the TUI Group where both parties consented to pull mutually to guarantee the movement of tourists to the region once the COVID-19 crisis is over. 

 Iago equally emphasized that the reopening of activities will ‘forever be effected with the greatest level of safety’, and at all times adhering to the guiding principles designed by the central government to shield occupants.

“We desire the Balearic Islands to represent a reference area for protection in Spain as well as in Europe.” Iago resolved. 




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