Hoteliers in Spain have called for a momentary stoppage in the tourist tax. 

A meeting held between Spanish authorisations and business unions on Thursday observed the genesis of this prospect. 

Several businesses associations voted this idea as a possible measure to be considered by the Spanish government especially towards the Madrid COVID-19 crunches. 

Further measures required for the Spanish government to consider will include; lengthening reductions of social security donations for workers with “fijo discontinuo” deals.

However, the national confederation of hoteliers associations in Spain demand for these measures to be adopted comes Tuesday, March 17th. The request also requires for the regional and national government to present proposals to help with liquidity in the booking annulments over the upcoming week. 

With this, the hotel owners hope for a rapid recovery in the tourist section after the ugly phase of the overwhelming coronavirus has passed. 

It is worth noting that, the Regional government in Catalonia on Thursday declared that it shall provide up to a million euros in lines of credit for trades crushed by the novel coronavirus. Although the tourist tariff shall not be suspended, the settlement for March until September shall not be compulsory.


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