Spain’s tourism sector is investigating which safety measures to consider to ensure that hotels reopen soonest post-COVID-19 pandemic rather than later. 

Hotel masters prognosticate that the health crisis will dramatically modify hotel visits, provoking many devices to adopt fresh methods.

In this light, screens will be fixed at reception to run Check-ins and check-outs with no human-to-human meeting. 

Oscar Lopez, president of Paradores-Spain claims that a ‘control’ will be set up at each Parador to share gloves, mask and disinfectant gel to all guests. 

Also, room services could be suspended and lifts restricted to one customer per car. 

 Again, there is a likelihood that hotels’ innovative dining alternative will be similar to meals served on flights, that is, pre-made boxed meals. After meals, the room will be thoroughly cleaned as soon as the guests leave. 

Furthermore, following checkout, the room shall be left empty for a complete 24hours before the cleaning crew, dressed in proper Personal Protective Equipment, PPE, are permitted to enter. Upon cleaning, the room will be left for an added 24 hours before a new customer can be allowed to check-in. 

Some of the accommodations at the AC Hotel by Marriott are already unlocked due to the essential services they render. The room keys in AC hotel now have codes recorded on the clients’ mobile telephones. 

Again, another measure targets reducing the content of the customers’ room (for example removing minibars and excess linen) to minimise the spread of germs.  

Information from Spain’s tourism sector indicates a reduction in revenue of more than one hundred and twenty billion euros. As a result, hotel specialists are taking into account all the possible options to guarantee hotel reopening soonest after the coronavirus crisis. 


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