UK citizens will find it more difficult to move to Spain in 2021. There are many factors to consider, including visas, healthcare and taxes, before making a decision on whether or not it is worth it. These 19 articles will help you make a decision.

Can I move to Spain or retire there after Brexit?

Yes, it is possible but it has become more complicated.

Britons who wish to move to Spain in 2021 or later must consider that they are not EU citizens and have to follow stricter rules than Americans, Indians, Australians, and others.

The UK’s exit from the EU has meant that UK citizens no longer enjoy freedom of movement, guaranteed healthcare, and access to jobs. This is in contrast to the EU framework, which gives Europeans the flexibility and ease to move to other EU countries.

What documentation and requirements are required for Brits to move to Spain following Brexit?

Before Brexit, UK citizens could easily move to Spain, even if there were no jobs waiting for them, few savings and no healthcare.

If they plan to spend more that 90 days in Spain, they will need to apply for a visa at London’s Spanish Embassy.

For those who have the financial resources to pay for their private healthcare, life expenses and property, visas such as the non-lucrative and golden visas (EUR500K each) are options.

Spain has both a work visa (or business visa) for people who want to work for a company, or self-employed. However, Britons should be aware of the strict criteria for these visas, including no EU candidates for the job, and a detailed business plan that focuses on job creation and job creation.

UK citizens who wish to enroll at Spanish universities or educational institutions can also apply for a student visa.

Are Brits moving to Spain following Brexit required to obtain a Spanish residency card.

Yes. Yes. No matter what visa Brits get, they will be able to enter Spain with the Spanish Foreign Residency Card. However, they must apply for the TIE ( Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero) within their first month of being in Spain.

Britons who lived in Spain prior to Brexit are encouraged to apply for this biometric card, even if they still have their green residency papers.

What should Brits know about Spanish healthcare after Brexit?

UK citizens who move to Spain in 2021 or later must have full healthcare coverage. There are no co-payments and there is no shortage. It can be either public or private, depending on your circumstances.

What are other important things Brits should consider when moving to Spain following Brexit?

UK citizens need to be aware that by taking up residence in Spain they become fiscal residents and cease to be UK residents.

Can Britons drive in Spain if they move to Spain following Brexit?

Yes, but only for six months, as with other non-EU citizens in Spain.

Spain and the UK are currently in discussions over whether to allow the exchange of all British licenses for Spanish ones following Brexit.

However, Britons who have not registered their intention to exchange their UK licenses will need to take their driving test in Spain again.

What should Brits who are moving to Spain in the aftermath of Brexit know?

Brexit has brought about a number of additional rules and restrictions regarding imports to Spain from UK. However, Britons who move to Spain in 2021 will be able to bring their belongings into Spain duty-free.

Is it worth the effort for Brits to relocate to Spain after Brexit?

It all depends on how you evaluate the pros and cons of the articles linked to and, in many cases, whether or not you are able to meet visa requirements.

Spain is consistently ranked among the best for quality of living in expat surveys. It has amazing weather, food and people. You’ll also have greater access to it as a Spanish citizen.

It’s ultimately up to you and your situation, but we recommend that you consider moving to Spain following Brexit.


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