We all dream of owning the perfect luxury home – and whilst good taste never goes out of style, the specifics of luxury homes are changing. There is a growing preference for natural spaces and areas for home wellness, revamped interiors and amazing features that make your luxury home absolutely perfect.

So, whether your building your own dream home or re-doing your home to sell, here are some of the must-haves for luxury homes these days that you should totally consider adding to your design.

Home Security System

Home security systems are an essential for any luxury home. Think about it: owning a luxury home suggests you own a lot of nice things and have a lot of money. These homes, in high end neighbourhoods, attracted unwanted attention in the form of burglars looking to score! That’s why home security systems are essential for luxury homes.

As a homeowner, you should be prepared to pay top dollar to protect your valuables and keep your family safe from intruders. There are many home security system solutions out there, like ADT, which provide more than an alarm system. They provide a 24/7 link to emergency services, speeding up the process of alerting the authorities in the event of break-ins, fires, flooding and anything else that might happen.

Newer additions include fingerprint or iris identification on gates and doors, panic rooms, and notification if someone (or something) walks near the house!

Smart Home Features

“Smart home features are becoming popular – it is the 21st century after all!” notes Monika Snyder, a home improvement writer at Draftbeyond and Researchpapersuk. “Having cutting edge smart tech features is a hot selling point in real estate these days.”

These features include network-connected systems, appliances and equipment that can be controlled remotely and is automated. Some examples are apps that monitor the home security system, internet connected security cameras you can view online, and appliances that tell you when a problem is detected.

Lighting can be smart controlled via timers or motion sensors. Curtains can be programmed to open and close at sunrise and sunset, respectively. Thermostats can learn your temperature preferences and adjust the temperature at home automatically.

Other features include surround-sound systems and advanced appliances like touch screen refrigerators, eco-friendly washers and dryers.

Home Spas

The bathrooms in luxury homes are now on a par with professional spas: they may include a separate shower and bathtub, steam rooms, saunas and touch screen mirrors that double as a TV. These bathrooms are not just for the utilitarian purposes of regular bathrooms, but a place to relax after a long day!

The design of these bathrooms is often stone rimmed for maximum aesthetic enjoyment. Pools and fountains are also popular. Imagine: no need to go to a spa ever again!

A Chef’s Kitchen

Kitchens are the heart of the home. Luxury home buyers want a kitchen that is equal to that of a chef’s – it should include the top of the range appliances and be spacious enough for more than one cook. Double ovens and heating drawers to keep food warm are also popular. There should be an island in the middle of the kitchen, so that food can be prepared or served here.

After all, gourmet cooking isn’t just reserved for restaurants. For high-end homeowners, world-class meal experiences should be everyday staples, and for that they need chef’s kitchens. More counter space means more areas to experiment, cook, serve and host, allowing kitchens to be transformed into an amateur chef’s dream!

Beautiful Architectural Additions

Luxury homes are meant to stand out – they may include unique areas of architectural craftmanship, like rounded corners, crown moulding, archways and art nooks. The customisation and detail is a large part of the high price tag – people will pay for homes that look beautiful and stand out.

Walk in Closets

Storage space is always a priority in homes – but luxury homes don’t have that problem! Walk in closets are a necessity, and it’s not uncommon to see customised closest so big they could be a small bedroom themselves! Perhaps the name should be changed to ‘walk-around closets!’

Spacious master closets have been appearing in luxury homes lately, complete with island dressers, build in shelving and other efficient organisational systems. Home builders are making these spaces larger and larger, so homebuyers have all the room they need for their shoe or handbag collections!

Outdoor Living Areas

Homeowners at the top of the range expect the outdoor area to be just as luxurious as the indoor area. No one wants to be stuck indoors when the weather is pleasant! Luxury homes should aim to have plenty outdoor features, in addition to the indoors!

Glass doors can be used to create a seamless indoor/outdoor living room, connecting an outdoor patio to the kitchen or main living area. Fireplaces and entertainment systems can be included.

Features included in the garden might be infinity edge swimming pools, fire pits, there are even outdoor kitchens for gourmet barbecuing.

Open Floor Plans

Think views: panoramic views. A beautiful view is very much a part of the luxury home living experience. And there’s no point in having a home in a beautiful location if you can’t enjoy the view! Open floor plans allow the outdoors to be seen from inside, and allow plenty of natural light in. These plans also add to the architectural value of the home.

There are many designs to explore: split-level home designs break down barriers, and full-scale window walls, oversized sliding glass doors allow the sunlight in.

Home Offices

As working from home is becoming more and more popular, having a home office is a must for any luxury home buyers. Given that they will, most likely, be high-powered professionals, they’ll need the home office for when they must work remotely.

These offices should be quiet and tucked away from the main living areas, so professionals don’t have to seek a quiet space to hold a conference!

Living Suites

Apparently, the hottest add-on in luxury homes is having a separate living suite (or suites!). This is perfect for when guests come to stay: it provides privacy and comfort for the guests or relatives. These might be suites attached to the house, a separate apartment or attached unit with its own key, separate parking, kitchen, and spacious living areas.

Workout Spaces

Gone are the days of rushing to the gym early in the morning or late at night: say hello to home workouts! The high-end homes of today all have one thing in common – they have a home gym. This means there’s no excuse to not workout, even when the weather’s bad or time is short!

The best home gyms include elegant features like wide windows, skylights, TVs and of course, all of the right gym equipment they may need.

Self Sufficiency

Increasing popular is self-sufficiency in luxury homes. This is driven by two needs: to be immune to any power outages that happen state-wide, and to be more environmentally friendly.

Self sufficiency reduces carbon footprints via using solar power or geothermal power systems. If you have the right conditions to capture sunlight, solar power is an unparalleled way to become self-sufficient. There are two types of solar panels: rooftop panels and standalone panels.

Wells can be installed for your own water supply and can also be used in the garden – a vegetable garden which can be used to grow your own veggies! What better way to ensure that the food you eat is organic and pesticide free than by growing it yourself?

Finally, a wood-burning stove can be installed. These stoves look great aesthetically but are also valuable additions for self-sufficiency, allowing you to heat your own home during a power outage if necessary!

Recycled Material

“More and more luxury home buyers are concerned about their environmental impact and looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint,” says Eliana Bower, a real estate blogger at Writinity and Lastminutewriting. One way of doing so is to use recycled material in their homes – so they will be keen to buy houses that are decorated with recycled goods and designed sustainably. That means as a home builder, not wasting any material and making yourself known as a sustainable builder.


A lot goes into making a luxury home perfect. Whilst many elements are staples and here to stay, the luxury home market is always changing and evolving with the times. The most recent additions include features that are eco-friendly and environmentally responsible. These features have the added benefit of reducing reliance on public services like gas, water and electricity.

Home gyms are also becoming a popular new feature, as more and more people are concerned with their fitness but don’t want to go all the way to a gym to work out! Home offices, too, are a new feature as more people work remotely and find the need to hold conferences and meetings virtually, thanks to the technology of the present day.

Guest suites are also becoming one of the most sought-after additions to luxury homes, as they allow homeowners to host guests and continue to give their guests, and themselves, that much needed privacy and comfort.

Whatever your tastes, these elements to luxury homes should give you some ideas of the big trends this year!

Ashley Halsey is a professional writer at Luckyassignments.com and Gumessays.com who has been involved in many projects throughout the country. Mother of two children, she enjoys traveling, reading and attending business training courses.


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