Majorca: Things to Avoid

Majorca is generally a safe destination for holidaying. However, it’s important to avoid empty streets at night, and to be cautious when walking in crowds. There are scams, however, and possible hassles you should be aware of.

Avoid these areas

It all depends on the type of holiday you are looking for. You might prefer something more laid-back, so avoid Magaluf or Palma Nova. These places have a lot to offer for the 18-30 crowd, as well as English-style pubs and an all-night party atmosphere. They can also be jammed during peak tourist months like July and August. Puerto Pollensa is quieter and more suitable for young people who are looking for fun.

The resort town of S’ArenalIt also has a mixed record. The long, sandy beaches are popular during the day but its streets at night have a different reputation. Many reports have been made about pickpocketing by large numbers of prostitutes. Taxi drivers in the area are notorious for charging outrageous fares at the end. If they refuse to use the meter, be firm and agree on a price.

Potential problems

People complain about the Tourist spots are frequented by scammers who use them as a way to con people. They will often present a child or lady with a bouquet of flowers and demand money. Once you attempt to pay them, they will crowd around and try to take your money. The same thing can happen at beaches selling bracelets or soft drinks. You can only avoid them and, if they approach you, let them know that you don’t want to be bothered. They will soon realize that you are not an easy target, and it should suffice for them to understand this.

There are many other things you can do.Street vendors They may not be trying to scam or steal you. However, they might try to keep you company if you show any interest. If you’re interested in purchasing, it is wise to not engage with vendors.

Scams and Crimes

Timeshare salespeople They are the most popular scammers in Majorca. They will be charming and often very attractive and will make you feel very excited when you tell them that you have won a prize and that all that is required to claim it is a brief presentation. Do not do it. You will be taken away to unknown places and forced to listen to hours of sales talk without any chance of winning. You can ignore it and just keep walking.

If you are looking for a way to make your life easier,Booking a tour Be sure to clarify what you will be receiving. Las Cuevas del Drac is known for having hundreds of tourists crammed into boats for a short boat ride. You should book your excursions and trips through a tour operator or reputable company.

Other problems

Mosquitoes These insects are common here so be prepared. Also, make sure to use insect repellent. Jellyfish can also be a problem on beaches, with different species depending on the season. Before you go swimming, make sure to check for jellyfish. Dead jellyfish can also be a threat. You won’t see them coming at night so this is another reason to avoid swimming at night.

Finally, although Spanish drivers are known to be unpredictable enough, there will still be many Brits driving on the roads trying to navigate a left-hand drive car that is on the wrong side. Take it easy, and drive with care.

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