Recently, Spain announced the likelihood of a mandatory protective face mask for everyone out of their homes in Spain, once the lockdown restrictions are relaxed. 

 But Salvador Illa, Spanish Minister of Health, has influenced the need for a delay. “Measures will not be put in place that cannot be met,” Illa declared in a press conference. With the broad deficit of protective face masks, there are not sufficient for everyone in Spain.

 “Therefore, it will be necessary to wait a few weeks for the use of masks to become widespread.” Illa continued. 

The health minister during the same press conference revealed that the government was already working on the next stage of lessening the lockdown restrictions.

Once the epidermic get under control, the transition phase will emerge. This will permit higher freedom in movement but keeping sanitation measures and the wearing of face masks will be compulsory for persons authorised to leave their restrictions. 

 However, due to high demand, many people in Spain have not been able to buy a face mask(s) for themselves and their households as more preference is given to health workers and security officials.

The government has procured 550 million pieces from China, awaited to arrive within six weeks.  

“When this material is ready, it will be time to deliver them to the citizens,” Illa stated.

Nonetheless, WHO, emphasises that it is irrelevant except for the patients as well as their caregivers. “We know they can help protect health workers, but they are in short supply globally. We are concerned that the massive use of masks by the general population may exacerbate shortages for those who need them most. “Masks alone cannot stop the pandemic. Countries must continue to find cases; test, isolate and treat each case and track every contact.” Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General, stated.  

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