Mark Wahlberg has accomplished much in his life. From a famous rapper to an actor and producer, he’s done great things throughout the years. Did you know that he also lives in luxury?

Mark Wahlberg recently purchased a sprawling estate in the Los Angeles suburbs.

Mark Wahlberg’s new house features spectacular views while providing all the modern amenities for a perfect home. The sprawling house even has an infinity pool and tennis courts to go along with the 2 fireplaces found throughout.

Mark Wahlberg’s new house in Beverly Park features a lavish living room with walls of windows and two levels. There are three fireplaces throughout the home, as well as a library that is separate from the main floor. The kitchen also has all stainless steel appliances. Outside there is an infinity pool and spa on one side of the property line and a tennis court on the other, while a large grassy area in between is perfect for kids and pets to play.

Mark Wahlberg has been playing with his kids on Instagram. With four children – Ella, 16; Michael 14; Brendan 11 and Grace 10 and wife Rhea 41

Wahlberg’s new Beverly Park home provides plenty of space for the whole family without feeling crowded in any area. Mark also hosted a riding tournament for children who are qualified to compete. The tournament was organized as a way to give kids who normally couldn’t participate in such a sport the chance to be competitive.

Mark Wahlberg has been pleasantly surprised by his Instagram followers with family activities and photos. On 16th November 2018, he posted four videos showing him having breakfast with daughter Ella (Mark is seen in the video standing in one of his home’s outdoor areas that features a plush seating area outback).

Mark Wahlberg house gym

Photo via Instagram @markwahlberg

Mark Wahlberg’s new house has a fully-equipped gym, with a basketball court! The room is 13,000 square feet.

The home also has an elevator that takes residents to the second floor and all three levels of outdoor entertainment areas at their beckoning. It’s no wonder that Mark loves his home so much!

The home has been featured in magazines such as Architectural Digest, Los Angeles Times, and Vanity Fair. The house’s interior was designed by Gisela Williams of the design firm “Williams-Koser”. She wanted to create a movie star feeling with her designs. It seems like she succeeded!


The actor has a luxurious amount of items on the property. Even though his kids live on the property, their bedrooms are still extravagant.


In my opinion, Mark Wahlberg’s family home, including the backyard, nicely showcases that he wants his kids to have the same opportunities as his career.

Basketball Court

Mark Wahlberg’s luxurious Hampton estate is complete with an expansive golf course, a fleet of expensive cars, and even a wine cellar. Resting at the foot of Hilton Head Plantation Golf Course sits his exquisite villa where you can see inside for yourself.


Mark Wahlberg’s Kitchen has a large island and an abundance of counter space.

Home Theater

The home theater is large enough to entertain several friends and family members.

Pool and Back Patio

The backyard offers plenty of space for summer activities.

Urging fans to stay safe from the comfort of his own home, the Ted actor has been treating his Instagram followers to video after video of himself and his family hanging out together.

And there’s plenty of room for Mark, his wife Rhea Durham, 41, and their four kids; Ella, 16, Michael, 14, Brendan, 11, and Grace, 10.

In sunny LA it’s no surprise the Wahlbergs are often seen hanging out in the garden, with Mark hosting his very own quarantined equestrians challenge with his youngest daughter.

Mark is seen in the video standing in one of his home’s outdoor areas that features a plush seating area outback.

My Favourite Parts of Mark Walhbergs House

When he isn’t catching up on the latest tech news, you’ll find him practicing his favorite basketball moves. Wahlberg has a full-size court on the property’s grounds that sits just in front of a golfing green for when there is enough space to do an obstacle course or play your favorite games like basketball!

Mark Wahlberg’s new home in Beverly Woods features a painting-lined playroom and an upstairs gym with every piece of equipment needed to get in shape.

Mark Wahlberg could probably use his treadmill or weight set while admiring the views from his bedroom window: he lives inside an actual French palace!

The gym at Mark Wahlberg’s house has everything including weight machines, piles of dumbbells in every weight, cardio machines, power plates.

Mark’s prime property of Beverly Hills, California comes complete with a Jacuzzi, a ginormous cinema room, and an enormous swimming pool.

A huge TV screen is on the wall and, against one side of the room, there are sofas with cushions to get a great view.

One of Mark Wahlberg’s house features is an open-plan kitchen stocked with goodies.

Mark Wahlberg’s “Wahlmansion” is the perfect place to enjoy a manicure with his youngest daughter Grace and indulge in some of Mark’s favorite pastimes–golfing. The house has plenty of cozy corners for snuggling up, as well as big glass doors opening onto scenic views that can be enjoyed from inside or outside exploring one of many golf buggies he keeps on property.



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