Changes for those visiting Spain‼️

Spain will allow international travelers from risk countries, to provide either a PCR test (as before) or a negative diagnosis of active Covid infection with a Transcription-Mediated Amplification (TMA) test performed 72 hours before arrival (by plane or by sea).

Therefore, the resolution that came into force on November 23rd will be modified, which only allowed to endorse the negative result with a PCR test. TMA is a molecular viral RNA detection test technique with equivalent reliability for the detection of SARS-CoV-2.

The new resolution, which will come into force tomorrow, also establishes that minors under six years of age will not be required to provide a negative in these diagnostic tests in order to enter Spain. These types of exceptions are implemented in many neighboring countries.

On the other hand, to facilitate obtaining the document certifying the negative result of the diagnostic test, it is deemed convenient that, in addition to Spanish and English, it may also be written in French. It will be accepted in EITHER OF THE 3 LANGUAGES.

In the event that it cannot be obtained in these languages, the supporting document must be accompanied by a translation into Spanish made by an official body.

As up to now, the Health Control Form that passengers must complete before entering the country, will include a question about whether the person entering Spain has had a negative diagnostic test performed within 72 hours prior to arrival in the country. At any time, the passenger may be asked to accredit the test result.

In addition, the sanitary controls that are already carried out on all international passengers at the entry points will continue, such as temperature control and visual control.

The Official State Gazette (BOE) will publish the resolution tomorrow, so that from that moment the modifications it contains will come into force.



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