In the absence of hope and insight on how to go about fighting this dreadful disease, the deadly coronavirus continues to spread into more and more cities. Although coronavirus is restricted to China, with most of its province harboring infected cases, the virus has reached as far as the US, UK, Australia, Germany, UAE, and Finland.

The first case of the coronavirus tested in Spain was the case of a German holidaymaker, early February, who is hospitalized at la Gomera hospital.

Then recently, a man who is said to have been in contact with a coronavirus patient was dashed to the Son Espases General hospital along with two of his traveling buddies as he showed symptoms. He had been in contact with an individual in the UK who had tested positive for the disease. They are kept under close medical watch.

On Friday the 7th, a couple with two of their daughter’s ages 10 and 7 were rushed to Son Espases de Palma hospital after the older daughter starting showing symptoms of coronavirus infection. Reports say her dad had spent 4days, two weeks earlier with a man who has tested positive to the disease. Results are awaited.

In the Balearic Islands, a number of people are suspected to have the virus, though none has tested positive to it.

These got Spain’s Mallorca on its feet as they have propelled a coronavirus protocol to be followed.


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