The rate of spread of the novel COVID-19 has dropped faintly in the Balearic Islands. 

A total of 755 COVID-19 victims were reported last Friday, but the infections are growing at a much slower rate than it was in the few first weeks of the shutdown and even slower than the rest of Spain. 

There has been an increase in the number of COVID-19 victims within the past five days by 1.88% in the Balearics relative to 1.94% at the national level.  

A study by Conselleria de Salut holds that the biggest rise in positive cases was detected in the Balearics between March 14th and 16th when the cases nearly tripled although they have been a continuous drop thereof. 

This top recording speed emanated 5days after the maximum growth produced between the 10 & 13 nationwide with the number of cases doubling every two days, something which was yet to be experienced in the Balearics.

From Thursday 19th to Friday 20th, March, the number of confirmed cases grew at a greater rate relative to the state average in the Balearics.

Compared to an increase of 2.23% at national levels, the number of deaths in the Balearic Islands grew by 1.5% every four days.  

Statistics, however, saw more deaths within the week, with the number of infections rising by 20% between Sunday and Monday, 19% between Tuesday and Wednesday, 17% between Wednesday and Thursday, and 14.3% between Thursday and Friday).

Javier Arranz, member of the Autonomous Committee of Infectious Diseases stated that “The curve has slowed down in recent days and in the coming weeks we think that the figures will improve, 

Even though four fresh deaths were registered in the Balearics on Friday, (3men above 70 who suffered underlying illnesses and a 56years old woman) at the Son Espases Hospital, the indicators are somewhat hopeful.  

There currently exist a total of 751 patients in the Balearic Islands (75 of which are in the ICU). Recorded deaths stand at 26 with 67 discharged cases. 

To add, a hundred and thirty-seven Health officials who came in contact with victims have contracted the disease and some 430 others are still under investigation.  



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