In the 1918 Spanish flu, blood transfusion from survivors allegedly cured some victims resulting in a decrease of death rate by almost 50%. 

Again, Arturo Casadevall, a Spanish immunologist, confirmed that a study carried out in Sierra Leone succeeded in bringing down the mortality rate by half after seeing 69 Ebola patients through their health crises using blood transfusion from Ebola survivors. 

Furthermore, a finding from 80 Hong Kong SARS victims in 2003 showed that an early plasma transfusion better the prognosis for most patients. 

In this same light, blood transfusions from COVID-19 survivors are being tested in Madrid as a potential treatment for the deadly coronavirus. 

Presently, Madrid’s centre for transfusion is working “hand in gloves” with localized hospitals to finish the first experimental sample. 

The trial is yet to gain approval by the Spanish Ministry of Health although El Pais reports claim that a leaked file from the centre has revealed hundreds of blood offers on social media.  

Arturo, however, argues that the COVID-19 vaccine is likely to take several months to be realized whereas plasma from survivors could be ready in barely ‘weeks’.

This came after Grifols, a Spanish multinational declared that it was at work with the Federal Drug Agency in the United States to cultivate plasma from COVID-19 survivors. 

It is worth noting that Spain’s recent records show 64,059 COVID-19 victims (92% of which are in mild condition with 8% in critical conditions), 4934 deaths and 9357 recovered case. 

Globally, 127,000 people have recovered from COVID-19 offering the probability of getting enough quantities of blood transfusion from survivors. 

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