Between Sunday evening and Monday night, Coronavirus cases in Spain’s political capital, Madrid, doubled to 496 increasing CoVid-19 victims in Spain to 1204 with death toll hitting 30 as of Monday evening.

In reaction to this, the authorities summoned an emergency meeting on Monday to discuss the measures to take to reduce further spread.

In this light, the leader of Madrid Government, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, ordered on Monday for all schools within the region to be shut down for 15days starting Wednesday.

According, schools, universities, as well as vocational training centres, are expected to be shut down for two weeks beginning tomorrow.

Besides the 95000 teachers off work, this decision will see at least 1.5 million pupils and students off school.

“It wasn’t easy to make this decision but public health must come above everything,” Isabel Diaz Ayuso, said to the press.
She equally urged the elderly as well as persons suffering from chronic ailments to stay at home.

In a statement to a news conference, the Health Minister, Salvador Illa calmed the population “these measures imply a disruption to normal activity in these places, but I appeal for your understanding as they are measures that we consider necessary in these areas,” he said.

Minister Salvador also said the Spanish government was arranging, what he referred to as a “shock therapy” plan to alleviate further spread.
“We will announce a shock therapy plan in a few days as soon as we determine the exact diagnosis and fine-tune the measures,” he said. “We want the plan to be effective and proportional to the scale of the problem.” He added.

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