Research by scientists at the Spanish Academy of Dermatologists reports a possible connection between the visible skin health and coronavirus diseases.  

The investigation was done using three hundred different citizens across Spain, some of whom were assumed to be carriers of the genome.  

However, within a period of 14days, a portion of the subject demonstrated mysterious skin outburst. 

With no prior history on each subject’s health, the dermatologist viewed a total of 120 images and compiled the results. 

 The dermatologists further classified the results into 5 basic skin diseases according to the research operations described in the British Journal of Dermatology and then compared with those of the COVID-victims. 

The results emerged as follows;

  • approximately nineteen per cent of the subjects presented chilblain-like features around their hands and feet. 
  • Nine per cent displayed vesicular eruptions as petit itchy, blood-filled sores mostly around their abdomen. 
  • Nineteen per cent sustained urticarial sores which appeared as nettle-like pink/white outbreaks on their skin.
  • Forty-seven per cent displayed traces of maculopapular and pityriasis rosea. 
  • Six per cent of the subject (mostly the older subjects) had livedo or necrosis of the skin, which resulted from inappropriate blood flow to specific parts of their skin. 

Although some of these symptoms are visible in coronavirus patients, the scientists highlighted that maculopapular and pityriasis rosea were quite common skin conditions that can appear for several reasons and are therefore not a strong indicator of incurring the coronavirus. 

They further added that their investigations were to facilitate the understanding of some of the symptoms not directly known of the COVID-19, and are not to promote self-diagnosis on the bases of symptoms that can merely be common skin conditions. 

“Individuals concerned with strange blemishes or dots on their skin should consult health experts directly and not take things into their own hands,” the report resolve. 


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