Athens’ tourist attractions, hotels, and entertainment venues provide the perfect getaway for any traveler. When the final chapter is written in the history books of mankind, Athens, Greece will surely play a prominent role in its pages. One of the first civilizations on earth and bearing some of the most prolific and long-lasting people and ideas produced by any society since, Athens has been ruled by the ancient Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, and the Ottoman, and has withstood countless attacks on its city over the centuries.

Modern-day Athens: rich in flavor

Today, hundreds of years after the era of invading empires and thousands of years after some of the city’s most significant structures were built, Athens is a modern-day metropolis filled with ancient wonders and cutting edge amenities. It’s a place where people come from around the world to marvel at the city responsible for what we now know as western civilization and democracy. It’s a place, also, where people come to bask in the warm Athenian sun or lay on the beaches of the Aegean Sea and relax in luxurious surroundings around thousands of fun-loving tourists from every corner of the earth.

Visiting this city is one of the most enlightening, educational, relaxing, and exciting experiences found anywhere on the planet, and with year-round amazing weather, virtually anytime is perfect to do some sightseeing in Athens.

Reaping the benefits of the Olympics

Traveling to and around the city to the various Athens attractions, restaurants, and entertainment venues is a hassle-free experience today, thanks to the vast improvements the city made in preparation for hosting the 2004 Olympic Games. The city is famous for hosting the first-ever modern-day Olympics in 1896, and the Olympics are now famous for providing the funds and initiative for the city to modernize their public transportation, streets, and other facilities, the second time around.

The most prevalent improvements to the city are the construction of the Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos and the renovations and additions to the city’s Metro and other public transportation. The new Athens airport provides a great way to enter the city from virtually anywhere in the world, and the Metro system helps travelers navigate the city, traveling to any of Athens’ tourist attractions with ease and comfort.

Attractions you really can’t miss in the city

When you’re in Athens sightseeing, one of the major attractions you are going to want to see is the area up high that is visible from pretty much the entire city by simply looking up, the Acropolis. This is the single most important area about the history and mythology of the city. Built to honor the city’s patron goddess, Athena, the Acropolis has weathered the storm of many attempts to destroy it and its important structures, including the Parthenon – which is considered the preeminent symbol of western civilization and democracy.

This city is considered an archaeology hotspot and one of the shinning exhibits of the archaeological discoveries made here is at the National Archaeology Museum in Athens. Sightseeing here is truly incredible, as the museum contains the largest collection in the world of artwork and artifacts from ancient Greece. After an afternoon here and an afternoon at the Acropolis, you will have experienced a great deal of ancient history and relics from the classical Greek era!

Get into the excitement of Athens

In Athens, sightseeing is more than just visiting the ancient relics and museums from days past. It’s also about getting out to some of the area’s vibrant entertainment venues and beaches. There are tons of nightclubs, theatres, restaurants, and day cruises available and ready to be experienced in the city.

There are also several relaxing and rejuvenating beaches within just a few minutes’ drive or train ride from the city. Votsalakia, Voula Beach, and Glyfada are all within 18 km from the center of the city and can provide you with everything you could need for an amazing beach experience. From plush, sandy beaches and revitalizing water sports to action-packed tennis and volleyball and fun areas for children, these beaches will provide an exciting day at the beach for anyone.

Finding a place to rest your head

When you’re taking a break in between Athens’ tourist attractions, you need to sleep somewhere, right? The city has a multitude of places to stay ranging from economy hotels and hostels to luxury hotels and B& B rentals. If you travel to Athens with your family, you can even try one of the family-friendly resorts along the beaches just outside of the city. The resorts provide a great option if you’re looking to include restaurants, swimming, and childcare on-site.

For luxury, try the King George Palace; for economy, look for the Triton Hotel; for a great hostel in the city, look up Athens Backpackers; one of the best B&Bs is Nina’s Athenian Loft; and for a great resort, check out the Four Seasons Astir.

Things often heat up in the city

In Athens, sightseeing and tourist season are predominantly in the summer months, or at least that is when most people travel to the city. During this time the temperatures are hot, ranging from 31-33C, and the days are dry; there are tons of people out enjoying the many offerings of the city and relaxing on the beautiful beaches of the area. However, this is also when prices for most things are at their highest and places can tend to get rather crowded.

During the spring and fall months, the temperatures are typically very livable, ranging from 20 to 23C, and the prices for many activities and hotels can be cheaper since it is technically considered the off-season. During these times, also, there aren’t as many crowds to contend with, which all-in-all makes for a very enjoyable holiday experience. One of the downsides to these times, however, is that there may be a few rainy days mixed into your visit, but the bulk of the rain comes throughout the winter months.

You’ll see why this city is one of the premier destinations in the world

Whenever you decide to visit the city and all of Athens’ tourist attractions, there is no doubt that you will have an experience like no other. This city is one of a kind, offering its visitors state-of-the-art entertainment and amenities and culturally vivacious monuments and attractions. It also provides a stunning backdrop for special events like weddings and family parties. When you take off on your journey back home, there is no doubt you will be leaving with some of the best experiences and memories of your life.


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