Ships will have until Sunday to dock in order for passengers to disembark

Spain due to close its ports to cruise ships from Sunday

Ships will have until Sunday to dock in order for passengers to disembark

The Council of ministers, who met this Thursday in extraordinary circumstances, has issued a ban on the entry into Spain of passenger ships from Italy, as well as cruise ships of any origin that are destined for Spanish ports. The Government has taken this decision as an exceptional measure in order to limit the spread and infection of the COVID-19 virus, following advice from the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda.

Cruise ships landing in Spain will have until midnight on Saturday to arrive at a port in the country with the sole purpose of allowing passengers who wish to disembark, the opportunity to do so. After this, passengers will not be allowed to board the ship again. For passenger ships from Italy, the measure also takes effect at midnight on Saturday. As things stand, the restrictions will remain in place until 23:59 on March 26.

This is considered a temporary measure that will last for 14 days, it may be extended for additional periods not exceeding 14 days each according to periodic evaluation of the worldwide epidemic, especially with consideration to the situation in Italy.

This cautionary measure, which runs in addition to the flight restriction established last Tuesday 10th March on direct travel between Italian and Spanish airports, is taken in order to reduce the risk of a serious health care situation in the port towns. The presence of COVID 19 cases on ships are likely to have very significant impacts on both the passengers and the crew, as well as on the health services of the town where the ship is docked.

The prohibition will not apply to Spanish ships, to vessels that exclusively transport cargo, to those that carry out navigation for humanitarian, medical or emergency purposes, or to the drivers of the towing vehicles for transported goods. Furthermore, the Ministry of Health may in exceptional circumstances lift bans on authorised ships that have adopted all the necessary sanitary control measures in order prevent them from posing a risk to the population of our country.



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