Spain’s Congress has voted in favour of the prolongation of the COVID-19 lockdown unto May 10th. 

On Wednesday, politicians put forth the 3rd extension since the 14th of March when the state of alarm was declared. 

An immense eleven-hour plenary assembly terminated in the action being passed with 269 votes in approval against 60 votes in disapproval and 16 abstentions. 

Although Pablo Casado (opposition leader) criticised the socialist PSOE, (led by Pedro Sanchez) government’s approach towards the crisis, his conventional party voted with Sanchez. 

On the other hand, there was a backlash from the far-right Vox party which onward with the Catalan independent Junts and CUP voted against the government. 

However, Sanchez earned more limited support for this extension than the preceding pair.

 Life will revert to a ‘new normal’ in the second half of May, Spain’s prime minister states. 

Sanchez declared that with ‘prudence and caution’ Spain would move towards a ‘de-escalation’ of its COVID-19 rules. 

Sanchez equally justified his administration’s management of the crisis and recommended that politicians ‘leave behind reproaches and divisions’.

Facing a backdrop of fierce dispute, Sanchez sought to soothe his critics, by revealing that his administration had been working tirelessly on Spain’s exit plan for several weeks.

 “The general confinement will not be lifted until we are ready,” Sanchez resolved. 

It is worth noting that, the vote comes twenty-four hours following the declaration that children, 14 years or below, would be authorised to go for a walk but must be followed by an adult. 

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