The ministry of health in Spain has envisaged a danger concerning the spread of coronavirus across the country in the days ahead. 

 As the death toll hits over 1,000 with almost 20,000 victims, the Spanish minister of health, Salvador Illa, stated that “Worst days are coming”

The number of confirmed cases as well as the death toll are anticipated to continue to rise in a few days before a peak can be reached -then the hope for a decline. 

This came after, Fernando Simon, director of health emergencies made a statement concerning the Intensive Care Units across the country. In an interview to the press, he stated that some of the ICUs are “under stress” and have “reached their limits”

Majority of those are in Madrid, where health experts have grieved for the shortages of therapeutic equipment, comprising rapid test kits, protective gear and respirators.

Notwithstanding, the Spanish’s health minister in an announcement today reassured that the most essential equipment would be available in the coming days. Illa also added that a speciality hospital has been established by the military in IFEMA feria area, Madrid where five thousands five hundreds more beds would be provided. 

These initiatives, however, surfaced when Leganes Hospital, Madrid, reached its full capacity and as a result, closed its doors yesterday. 

“Some hospitals have indeed reached their limit,” Simon acknowledged as he maintained that ICUs ought to begin prioritising COVID-19 victims.

“Not all (COVID-19) patients with conditions are admitted into ICU…But it is true that right now there is some overloading, which means the most restrictive criteria will have to be applied” Simon declared.

A recent report by El Mundo holds that the Health Ministry is operating a new etiquette on how to decide which patients are accepted to ICUs, considering factors like age and life expectancy.

To crown it, Illa precludes extending the lockdown measures presently in force over Spain, claiming that they are one of the hardest in the world.

“If they are strictly adhered to, they will help us defeat the virus,” Illa stated as he urged Spainards to ‘keep up the pressure’ as ‘the difficult, hard days are coming.’


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