Today the need for shelter is increasingly pressing. A residence of sufficient size, has a safe security system, easy access to public facilities, and is located close to the location of the office or campus is considered an ideal place to live.

The apartment seems to be the solution that can answer your housing needs. If you live alone, don’t live with your parents, and aren’t married, you don’t need to worry about the price of buying or renting an apartment. You can choose a studio apartment because the price is more affordable.

The studio apartment is a type of small apartment with an area of ​​about 20-30 m2. The studio apartment consists of one open room without a separation wall, which includes a bedroom, TV room, dining room, workspace, kitchen, and a bathroom. One space for many functions is its main feature. Usually, the room divider is a half-size wall or a built-in rack.

Many developers in the real-estate industry are actively building this kind of apartment. Before deciding to buy or rent a studio apartment, here are the advantages and disadvantages of studio apartments that you should know.


The Disadvantages of Studio Apartments

1. Limited space

Having a small size causes your limited space. If you are in a studio apartment, at most, you will only move from one spot to another, not moving rooms. If you usually stay at home and do a lot of activities in it like yoga or indoor sports, now you have to be smart to set up ways to do it.

2. Can’t bring lots of friends

The show to stay with many friends in your apartment seems like you should undo. Especially for parties, bring pet thoughts. Studio apartments are considered to be inadequate for many people to live in. Maybe only 1-2 people to get enough space.

3. Quite boring

A minimal area may make you bored to live in a studio apartment. This limited space can make you dull. But calm down, friend Olympic, this will not happen if you keep on productive activities, so you don’t have to overthink about the size of your cramped studio apartment.


The Advantages of Studio Apartments

1. Wallet-friendly

Affordable! This word is sure to hurry and will satisfy you in the selection of apartment units. Studio apartments are usually priced at relatively low and affordable prices. This inexpensive cost can undoubtedly save your pocket.

2. Challenging you to be more creative

Studio apartments do not allow you to bring a lot of furniture, so you are required to be more creative in arranging and designing your residence. It’s small, but it can look big and not crowded. Use bright colors on wall paints and furniture, and choose multifunctional furniture.

3. Practical and concise

The studio apartment is the solution for you who wants to live alone, practically, and concisely. Besides, because the name of the apartment will automatically be equipped with security facilities, so you do not need to be too dizzy for housing problems.

4. Activities become fast-paced

The laptop is over there, the food is over here, tired of everything? You can stay here. Anyway, fast-paced! The kitchen next to the bedroom makes it easy for you to take food. This small room can facilitate your activities.

5. Easy to clean

It doesn’t take long for you to clean the studio apartment. Again, because of its small size, it might only take 20 minutes to clean dust, sweep, and even mop the room. Simple, right?


After understanding the advantages and disadvantages of studio apartments, of course, now you can be more wise and smart in choosing a residence that is suitable for you. Choose according to your needs and abilities while prioritizing your comfort.


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