Swedish Lady in possession of 13kilos of Marijuana arrested at the Malaga airport


Drug trafficking in Spain continue to appear in news headlines as a Swedish lady is reportedly arrested at the Malaga airport attempting to fly with € 130,000 worth marijuana packaged in plastic wrappers.

Recently, a Spanish man was condemned to 8years for trafficking the largest ever quantity of narcotics into Gibraltar.  Early February 2020, a hoard of marijuana worth more than 250000 euros was discovered by a British sailor, floating in the sea near the port of Aguilas, Murcia. Several days later, the arrest of the said Swedish lady with 13kilos of marijuana boarding a flight to Manchester airport, UK is reported.

The 13kg mass was detected during the random searches on people and luggage by the Guardia Civil in attempt to control drug trafficking. At the level of electronic baggage check, an alarm was raised against a suspicious looking content in a suitcase. Immediately, the possessor of the bag, who was just about to board the plane, was summoned and taken to the police to unveil and present the content of her bag. Upon opening it, the bag was found to compose of 24vacuum-packed marijuana packaged in plastic wrappers with a total weight of 13kilos.

The Swedish lady was arrested for alleged charge of a drug smuggling offence.

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