Spring, summer, autumn and even winter… each season has a charm of its own. Well, it couldn’t be any other way in Mallorca. It’s why this beautiful Mediterranean island has become a favourite year round tourist destination, be it for lonely travellers, couples or families.

For many tourists sun and beach holidays are at the top of their list of preferences. However, travellers haven’t always been this keen on sunbathing and swimming. The first tourists who visited the island swam very little indeed. George Sand and her companion, composer Frederic Chopin, spent the winter of 1838-1839 on the island to help him recover his fragile health. And the Archduke Luis Salvador, who first came some ten years later, at the age of 22, remained faithful to the island, winter and summer, until the day he died in 1915. According to the writings of these distinguished visitors they never got bored during their stays on the island of Mallorca.


SpringWhen the good weather returns, towards late January or at the latest early February, the island of Mallorca dresses up like a bride. The almond trees blossom with their pink and white flowers, the grass is green and luscious, the fields are brimming with flowers, the mountain sides are speckled with all sorts of cheerful colours, and olive green and silver leaves sprout from the olive trees. This awakening of nature, a true burst of energy and vitality, invites one to take walks or bicycle rides along the beach enjoying the peace and quiet before the summer season, stopping at some tapa bar for a refreshing drink and a bite to keep you going, enjoying the first rays of sunlight at the outdoor cafés which slowly take over the sidewalks again. Or, what about galloping down the beach on a horse?


This is undoubtedly high season for the sea nymphs and aquarian men.Summer Well, beaches like these aren’t found just anywhere. Everybody ends up finding a favourite corner in Mallorca, whether it’s the hustle and bustle of places like El Arenal, or, on the contrary, the peace and quiet of Cala Castell, for example. Skin divers tend to prefer the Cala Santanyí and Cala LLombart areas, while sailing fans often drop anchor at Cala Pi. It’s too hot for long hikes (especially in August), but we do recommend those who have never been on the island before to take some time out to explore the interior, the island’s rural and agricultural region. For regular visitors this has become a tradition, since at just a few kilometers from the coast the island becomes a true romantic treasure.


Now’s the time to put on your hiking boots and go hiking Fall … and the best place for this is the Sierra de Tramuntana and the north of the island. The smell of pine trees, rosemary and thyme impregnates the air, the trees are laden with fruit and wine ferments in the wine cellars. The best way to explore the island of Mallorca is on foot. The old paths oftenlead to country estates where you will most likely be offered some delicious pick-me-up.
Then, of course, there’s another type of hiker who is rather prolific in this day and age, a type who is especially attracted to the island and its “green fields” year around; we’re talking about the Golf players, for whom Mallorca is a perfect playing ground.


Winter Between the months of November and late January there are days when the island is enveloped by a unique, soft and beautiful light. However,the weather is not always at its best during these months. It’s the perfectmoment to discover the charms of the island’s varied cuisine. Whether it’s a popular “bodega”, a cozy “tapas bar”, an elegant restaurant or a distinguished temple for sybarites… the cuisine in Mallorca has something to offer everyone. As far as culture, the island also has plenty to offer: exhibitions, museums, concerts, conferences, fashion shows…

Mallorca keeps going even in winter.

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